29 October 2012

The Awesome Debate

Shoot me now please! Shoot me before I start making another game. So I am writing a web based space battle massive online multiplayer card game. And for some reason ( we don't have a artist/designer to make the 150 cards we want to launch the game with ) it's taking a lot of time. So while we figure out a way to move that project forward we decided to experiment with another idea. And the new idea is a MIST/Riven/LightHouse like game. So the game development committee had a session yesterday and let me tell you, it's hard to agree on whats awesome.

Is the main character alive? A major contention was the question of motivation for the main protagonist in the story. Will he be fighting for something or against something? Who is the main antagonist? So we decided that the motivation will be just survival, so far so good! But a member of the committee decided that in the given situation our character should just wait to die and do nothing, and that from a 20 something year old man is sad. So to resolve that issue the same member of the committee wanted to kill the character and/or give him an objective that would preclude him from dying. Which is pretty much the same as what we were considering, but not that over the top. If the current situation would demoralize our hero then how would a terminal medical condition help with his motivation??? So we had that argument for hours. And it was resolved with a little sick and a little dying but all in all doomed so it was a discussion about how would it be more awesome. An important discussion, but awesome is a matter of opinion so it is hard to reach an objective consensus among three people.

How do we tell the tale? I don't know, I can't know. Before you decide how to tell a tale you need a tale, so the tale needs to be written. In our dev team the motivation guy is the story writer, he has written short stories before so we just threw a few ideas at him and he said that we need to write the story together or he is writing nothing. And now I am writing it, just so that he can hit me over the head with it when I'm done. I am illiterate, I shouldn't be allowed to write this blog. A short story in C++ or PHP maybe, not literature! Just look at the last sentence you read, I shouldn't be writing anything. But no it has to be that way because we don't have a consensus on what awesome sci-fi is. The motivation guy is a Doctor Who style magic science fantasy with borderline impossible science. I am the Alien realistic science noir guy who doesn't believe in force fields and teleportation. So again we were in a debate about something subjective.

HTML5 or Blender? The 3D guy is making the 3D in blender, because it is awesome. We don't have an artist so we are planning to take an engineering approach to the environment, and everything will be box shaped. But I don't care about that because my work is to make it playable. But if everything will be made in blender then why not use the blender game engine and make the game like the FrictionalGames's Penumbra and Amnesia. I was thinking about making it something like Morningstar because then I will write a canvas driven javascript engine that can be used in the card game. If we go with the blender engine we have a distribution issue, desura may be an option but steam may not be because you have half the code GPL'ed. Another problem is the amount of work needed to get the game running on the different platforms, and I don't know which would be faster.

So this is what the committee wasted time on. Now I am in the writeup process and I have to have a demo sized quest game all written up by next weekend, so that the team can make suggestions additions and corrections. With this one and the card game this would be the second time we do the whole writeup process and it seems to take as much time as the programing and design processes.

21 October 2012


So. Two months of indiegogo has failed. I took the time to register ,to write the description and to record a pitch video. I wasted time and I have nothing to show for it. Basically the people from igg give you a platform to get funded, but they don't offer exposure. The indiegogo business model is simple. People try to raise funds, if they are willing to give a percentage to igg they can raise the funds through the igg website. igg don't help you with the promotion of your project unless it is already popular, but if the project is popular then I don't see a reason to use igg. They give you some tips that can be boiled down to "Promote your project!", which you should be able to figure out yourself. So basically after two months of igg I came to the realization that you are better off just placing a donate button on your website and selling swag. There is an exception of course, non technical social projects that aren't associated with a product. Funding for education or medical needs or charity projects.

I don't want to hate on igg just because I didn't get a dime. It really isn't their fault. If you read the funding tips they do say that your best bet is to promote to people you know ( family, friends, other personally interested people ), and they say that it takes about 3 visits to the project page before a person makes a donation. So nag and spam a wide audience repeatedly, igg is an e-begging platform. E-begging is when you ask for money from people through the internet, but in this context don't think about the beggar on the street with just his hand out. This is more a guitar case tips type deal, but still begging. And begging fits better because it is an active process of asking, and if you don't ask you don't get.

So if it isn't igg's fault that I didn't get a single dollar then who's fault is it? It is my fault! And if your project fails it will be yours. For something to get funded it needs to be popular. So you need a good fan base for the project that are already engaged with it, and then you start asking for money. Another thing is that social media may seem like a good way to market such a thing, but even if you have a high Klout score and you have a ton of friends on Facebook and G+ you need to evaluate that resource realistically. On different projects the percentage of visitors that donate varies, for mine it was 0% for some it's 50%, but for the sake of easy math we will take 10%. So lets see what that means. I have 200 people in the social networks, 25% are geeks and would click on a link about Linux, so 50 people visit the campaign page. 10% are 5 people, if everyone donates 5$ you get 25$. What if you want to raise 4000$ dollars. You need 800 people to donate, so 8000 people need to visit the page so I need 32000 friends on Facebook. Do you have 32000 friends on Facebook?

Instant Business? OpenCart

Yes, you too can be corporate fascist scum. You just need a pile of junk to sell and opencart. From there on it's just sell sell sell... Opencart is a website CMS ( content management system ) system just like Wordpress and Drupal but it is build specifically for e-commerce. The installation process is just as easy as the process for the other CMS systems. You need Apache or IIS, PHP and MySQL. If you have installed Wordpress or Drupal before there will be no surprises for you. I love to build custom solutions but a good PHP solution can take time and cost money. Opencart allows you to start a business in a day. Even if you aren't very tech savvy yourself, once it has been installed it is very easy to manage. It has an intuitive admin panel that allows you to add products and manage your clients. It has sales reports and all sorts of other stuff.

I will not go into detail about the features or try to teach you how to install or use it. You can get that type of information from the opencart website, they have documentation and screencasts there. What I will say is that my company is currently launching 3 e-stores. Two of them are an expansion of our business and one is for a client. Opencart solves the same problems that Drupal and Wordpress do, as in it shortens time and cost to market. No matter if you want to start selling or if you have a client who wants to start selling stuff opencart is a quick and cheap solution. I love coding, and I like to code the same task from different angles so that I find different solutions to the same problem. But my clients don't like it when I spend 2 months rewriting an application several times just so that I am happy with it. It costs less for them if I just spend 3 days to tweak opencart into what they need. Exactly as if somebody wants a website and a CMS, why should I write the CMS from scratch when Drupal would do the job.

If you are a web developer you owe it to yourself to throw opencart somewhere and just play around with it, if you have an opinion about it drop me a comment.

01 October 2012

Finally some feedback!!!

So here is something somebody said about my indiegogo campaign.

Some Guy on Facebook.
" Some advices, use a microphone from game console games like singstar/rockband, it will be plug and play on Linux, quality may vary but most of the time, it's enough for most uses and it can be get used for 4-8$ sometimes in places like Ebgames ...

Puppet software make the servers easy to set up, maybe you could make your next videos about it, even ffmpeg may do screencasting, just record yourself with a cheap webcam like logitech sometimes at 10-20$ and embed it by editing with Pitivi ...

There's also tools like shelr.tv may help you ...

For your next pc build try : pcpartpicker.com

Build example :

i5-2500k is the sweet-spot for now, Gigabyte Atx board, 4go ddr3 sticks are cheaper I prefer G.skill there, just one may be enough for most users, Storage is a hard choice I would say OCZ Vertex 4 ssd and Western digital cavair blue harddrive, Evga Geforce GTX 660 are the gpu sweet-spot for Linux, Antec power supply, Antec 300 case and Asus monitor ...
September 27 at 8:00am · Unlike · 2 "

My response
" Thanks for the tips. But nothing you wrote will get you the linda.com production quality. Nor will it make the video production process faster and easier. As far as pc parts, I'm in the trade field myself so I can get most components dirt cheap. But my work requires remmina, a terminal, a text editor and a browser. I don't need a new rig for work and spending cash for a hobby isn't justified.
September 27 at 11:32am · Like "

18 September 2012

Movies! Why not?

I can be a film critic. Every idiot with an opinion can be a film critic. And most film critics are idiots. There are some interesting questions that arise from this.
        Q: Mario, are there really movies in Bulgaria?
        A: Yes, you ignorant racist!

But it is a valid question. Bulgaria is a small village in the little known province of Europe. So services like hulu and Netflix aren't available, maybe the Amazon video service works but it is too American for my taste. What I have is cable, and on it I have HBO. I'm paying for ti. So if I am paying  for HBO does that mean I can legally download any movie that is in the HBO library? And if the options are watch the movie for free or don't watch the movie at all, is me watching the movie illegally really costing the industry money. Money they are not going to get in any way shape or form, and that is just because the movie industry has decided to go to war with the internet instead of working with it and within it. And to add insult to injury, they are basically shoving shit down our throats.

Lets take a quick look at what we have been watching.

Another Batman. I have not seen the new Batman and that is because I am not suffering from brain damage. For the same reason I am not going to watch the new Spider-Man. Hollywood can't pay ME enough money to waste 2 hrs. of my life for X-men or Avengers. And this leads me to the conclusion that movies are actually watched out of habit or social coercion. As if we all have a compulsion to waste our time with this shit.

So what have we been missing.

I just don't have people in my social circle that share my views on the arts. So nobody I know has watched the Watchmen. A piece of art, if you see it in a store or on the web treat yourself. It is a movie about superheroes and life in general. It is a provoking alternative of the US's recent past. It is like a skewed reflection of the cold war told through the individual stories of superheroes. Each one unique and each with an underlying philosophical issue. Void of answers but full of the meaningful questions. What is the value of life, what is the value of civilization, what is happiness. It isn't a battle between good and evil but more an attempt to discern what is actually good and what is evil.

Of course as a geek, I can't not have some sort of Sci-Fi fetish. Some idiots like Star Trek and some Star Wars. Star Trek is like a sitcom. Sitcom is short for situation comedy so Star Trek is sitspastu for situation space stuff (I can feel Americans crying, and I like it). Star Wars is The Lord of The Rings in space. I wouldn't put neither of them in the Sci-Fi section. If it should be science based fiction then there is only one way to go.

The Alien universe is the only one that can easily be believable. There is nothing in Alien that requires assumptions about the future of science. There is only the stretch of faster than light travel, but it is constructed in a restrictive scheme that pays it's respects to the vastness of space. Representing space exploration as a dangerous endeavor. From the three Sci-Fi camps only Alien manages to present space realistically and gives it it's own part to play. On the other hand the struggle in Alien is infused with a futility that makes it horrific. Unfortunately Alien: Resurrection was crap, and we have been presented with one stupid film after another trying to exploit the original idea. I also like the concept of Alien V Predator but there just hasn't been a good movie to give life to that idea.

And that leads me neatly to the next point. Prometheus! Yeah. I watched it 4 times and let me tell you, I hated it the first time and I hate it even more every time. The idea that I was almost convinced by a retarded friend of mine to go and pay money to see this piece of crap. Visually the movie is spectacular and they have managed to catch the feeling of the first Alien movie. And then they inserted a fits anywhere script into it. If you have played metal gear on the original PlayStation and then you play Sons Of Liberty on the PS2, you will see how Prometheus relates to Alien. This worked beautifully for Hideo Kojima and it blew up in the face of Ridley Scott. Another thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the "I chose to believe!". Alien has a godless unforgiving reality feel to it. Prometheus has a creationism religious undertone that neither provokes thought about the real world nor relates to it. I realize it is supposed to be fiction but it shouldn't actually be fantasy.

I love Resident Evil. Resident Evil is a rare piece of art that the industry can be proud of. But I am talking about the game. The movie on the other hand I watch whenever I want to feel like somebody is spitting in my face. The people that produce this garbage have earned the hatred of everybody that has grown up with the Resident Evil games. They could have just gone with the scripts from the games. It would have been perfect. But nooo. If the movies were release by a different tittle like "zombie mutant BS" and the umbrella corporations was called "zombietron", nobody would have connected the dots between the game and the movie. It would have been just another mediocre  superhero fiction.

One of the last movies I watched at the cinema was Troy. Towards the end of the movie the girl I was with told me that this is just like the Trojan Horse. Then I turned to her and said "I don't want you to be the mother of my children!", which was harsh but fair! It was a nice movie. I like movies that tell a good story, I like the move 300! After watching the movie I was hooked about the historical background. If you do some reading you will see that the cartoonish depiction of the events, although not doing justice to the historical facts does in a awesome way represent the essence of the event.

I would love to write a bit about Heat and Fight Club. But I'm not sure I can do justice to either of them. If you have not watched Heat or Fight Club, do not delay it any longer. Heat you will love. And if you don't like Fight Club than you didn't understand it, because you are a girl or stupid.

16 September 2012

openSUSE 12.2 Broken Edition


WARNING. I have written a retraction / clarification post. You may want to read it.

Yes I said it. Broken beyond repair! Oh great Cthulhu, why do you punish us so? What have we done to deserve this, how have we insulted thine spirit? Why is your wrath so unforgiving?

If we look at the 12.2 release of openSUSE as a whole as we should in order to make a fair and balanced assessment, we would come to the conclusion that it is a mixed bag. I have no comments about the OS being used as a server, except that it rulzez. If you are a criminal mastermind planing world domination and/or destruction then openSUSE is right for you. No matter if it is used as a propaganda web-server, evil-domain controller or unified nuclear launch computer, openSUSE has got you covered. Fast stable reliable and easy to configure. openSUSE's kinship with SLES and its lineage of one great release after another are clearly evident through it's kickassery!

The nouveau driver
But we are not going to make a fair and balanced assessment of openSUSE. We are going to look specifically at it as a desktop environment, in the new to Linux user context. And in that context it is also a mixed bag, but a bag mixed with dead rats and a pedophile. Although I haven't tried openSUSE with the LXDE or XFCE desktop environments, I imagine they are it's last chance to be usable. At work I use openSUSE 12.1 with Gnome Shell, and it is a masterpiece of usability. I have already become familiar with it and I can say that I am a gnome shell type of guy. And I wanted this greatness at home. But unfortunately the people making the distro have never been at the nouveau wiki website, where the nouveau developer team pretty much admit that their code is useless crap. So I would ask if there was anybody in the openSUSE team that ever tried Gnome with the nouveau driver?

This wouldn't be a big issues because I had the same problem on 12.1 , nouveau has always sucked so you just go and get the nvidia proprietary driver. I realize that there is a great hippie influence in the Linux ecosystem that precludes some distributions from having proprietary drivers built in. But freedom or not if the system isn't usable you are wasting your time. Here is a lesson that every distro can learn from Ubuntu, have driver support. Although I really love openSUSE, I still recommend Ubuntu for new to Linux users.

Once the artifact issues caused by the nouveau driver where resolved I was presented with this screen. "Oh no! Something has gone wrong." I'm going to punch the first gnome developer I find. What? What has gone wrong? I wasted 3 days of graphics driver and kernel settings experiments, my google bill for this month will bankrupt me. And all because of this useless screen. And if you google this everybody has the same stupid idea "Video issue". No, it was actually my wacom bamboo drawing pad. You heard me. A piece of hardware that had no issues whatsoever on Linux Mint 11 (very old at this point), precludes Gnome 3 from working at all.

An there isn't a real problem here, the drawing pad works perfectly and gnome also works but you can't use it since there is this useless message in front of your windows. I'm not sure who to blame for this. I think the wacom people should test their hardware on all supposedly supported systems. While I was fighting with this issues I had KDE installed as a backup, and there is nothing new in the KDE camp as far as I can see, but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to hate on them.

KDE, breaks my heart! By far the most beautiful desktop ever made, nothing surpasses it's visual appeal. KDE is my favorite desktop to look at, and if I had an extra machine that I didn't need it would only stay in the corner with the plasma desktop as a piece of art. But there is no force on earth that could make me use it. A day in it and I was foaming at the mouth. First, the desktop icons widget disappeared every time I rebooted the system. Second, there is no way to explain to the clock widget that the hardware clock isn't set to UTC so I was always 3 hours or so in the future. Third, there is always some process that is currently installing or uninstalling or doing something else that I didn't ask for and if I decide that I want to install something I am presented with the option to wait or to ask this mysterious process to quit and wait. Fourth, the fonts look beautifully but they are unreadable, so when I change them so that I can actually read something it just looks bad.

Another issue I want to cry about is software support. The reason for this is of course the fact that 12.2 is still very new. I can't have a computer around me that doesn't have VLC installed on it, and on the VLC website there are one click installs for a lot of openSUSE versions but not for 12.2 . You can get some things you need from the packman repo and for some you will wait if you cant compile from source.

If you are thinking "Who would use this, it sounds bad?"! I would! For a new user, a hypothetical every man that is on Linux because he doesn't know what a torrent is and doesn't want to pay for Windows I would point to Ubuntu. For me, a geek who likes tinkering and is capable of resolving most problems that could occur, openSUSE is a rare gift. It breaches the gap of homebrew FOSS and the best that Microsoft and Apple can produce in the realm of ready for market finished products. This ladies and gentleman is an operating system that can fit the bill for everything from home entertainment to a high grade service providing, made so that it is usable for development and production for work and play. After this rant I need to think of something positive to write about openSUSE that will balance it out. So I will live with the lizard for a month and then review it again.

14 September 2012

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words could never hurt me. Have Muslim people never heard these words. Ironically they use sticks and stones to storm the US embassy in Yemen, Libya and Egypt.
Libya and Egypt, the Arab spring. People have opposed tyranny, toppled political regimes. Repression apparatus made of political ideologies corrupted to the core, replaced by something even more sinister. A repression apparatus made of religious ideologies, just as corrupted as the previous one. So there you have it. The western world should have sent military personal in Libya and Egypt and helped Mubarak and Gaddafi keep the animals in their cages. That aside. Whatever you here on the news as in condemnation of the violent acts of moderate Muslims, it is always prefaced by a condemnation of the movie. So no thank you, your condemnations are useless. The freedom to express an opinion is at the core of an open and healthy society, no matter how unpopular it is or how offensive it could be to someone. If they want to challenge the views and opinions depicted in the motion picture then they should have replied in kind by a wide spread campaign of critique. If they must be violent then we must reply in kind and bomb them back to the stone-age. Which shouldn't be so hard since the already live in the bronze-age thanks to the regressive views of their religion.

If on the other hand there really are people in the Arab World who would like to move forward, then they are the ones who should fix these issues internally by being on the street to oppose this ultimate stupidity. The values of the enlightenment and the preaching of secularism is what could get this part of the world back on track. At no point do I want to sound offensive to Muslims. I actually want to sound offensive to Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and everybody else who preaches absurdity to the unwashed masses. If you are intelligent and rational then you are most likely and Atheist. If you aren't then at least recognize that the greatness of your God and value of your Religion is best expressed by the humility of your ideology and the humanness of your actions.

12 September 2012

Blogging guide to financial success! LOL!

At this point it should be obvious to people of average intelligence that no, this is neither a guide nor does it have anything to do with finance. If you think you are of average intelligence and you didn't realize that this isn't what it says in the title it is, contact me I have a great bridge I want to sell. I'm writing this to complain about 'nice guys finish last'! Thus the misleading title that is obviously engineered to generate traffic. This blog post is here thanks to openSUSE and/or the INTERNET and/or Google.

I have been playing a lot of StarCraft: Brood War recently, and between it and job I haven't had much time to work on other stuff. So my plan to write a review of openSUSE a week after the release has gone to hell. I'm switching from Linux Mint 11 Katya (it is old), to openSUSE 12.2. The reason to switch is that I really like openSUSE. I can't because I'm working on several things and I can't spare the time. Maybe I will write a review of the new openSUSE in a month, but in a month it isn't going to be the new openSUSE but just openSUSE. If you want to have a successful blog you need to be on topic and on top of current events. If you aren't current you can't get traffic from the buzz around new stuff. So... Today (yesterday) I watched the LinuxActionShow review of openSUSE to see what they think about it, although disappointed by the review itself in the show they briefly talked about what I'm talking about here. They basically roast the guy who wrote this ZDNet The 5 most popular Linux distributions  article. What I got from the comments in the show was that somebody walks in a room and says "Quick, write a shitty Linux related article to get some quick ad revenue!". If I really had the time to write my openSUSE article I would have put some effort into it. I could have written the article without installing the OS, there is more than enough to copy and rephrase on the INTERNETZZ. So why didn't I? I don't know.

Even so, even if you get some traffic I still don't see a point. My blog hit the 2000 view mark an hour ago (two by the time I finish this fine article(the tv is on)), the revenue from those 2000 views is 0.01 EUR. Internet users have become very good at not clicking ads on websites, I'm not surprised because I can probably visit 10000 websites and not click on a single ad. And rightfully so, there is too much shit advertised to us, and I don't really need anything that these people are selling. So what is the secret to financial success on the INTERNET in general. There are two ways I can think of that would produce results. Make a great blog or website about something really stupid that the unwashed masses would like. Or con the users and the ad sellers and buyers by using dishonest tricks to get people to click and do this as a massive campaign with big volumes of useless content. I can't do either so I have given up on making a living from the INTERNET, I'm going to write two posts a month that I'm fairly happy with and develop my video game. Now as an experiment click on this link 'Make Money Around Free Content' and tell me if the information on the site it takes you to is more useful than what you just read.

09 September 2012

New Perks

I have been wondering how to get people to donate. My project will not produce anything I can mail to you and the result of the project will be free for everybody so... That makes it hard to make worthwhile perks. But the equipment I want can be used for all sorts of things. So the IDEA perks gives you a chance to think you have bought something. So how to they work, you claim the idea you like. If the goal is reached the most claimed idea perk will be brought to reality. If you look at the idea description it doesn't look like a one time thing, and it isn't. My youtube channel will revert to a personal vlog type thing. If the project is funded I will create a new youtube channel for big long hard tutorial that will have an up to date version of the BLHT plus some extra stuff, I really want to make it an ongoing thing with a new edition every year or something like that. And this is where the IDEA perk comes in. The most claimed IDEA becomes a youtube channel on the idea topic. The topics are:

 -Gamecasting. There are many channels on youtube that have game generated content, channels like WastoteOfRam and day9tv. This idea is for a game channel that covers games that can be played on Linux. Linux native tittles and Win games that can be run on WINE/PlayOnLinux together with the setup and configuration process.

 -FOSS Digital Art. I often hear somebody say that he would switch to Linux but he needs some graphics software that isn't available on Linux for his day to day work. We need a youtube channel to show how you can do everything with free open source software. There are tools like GIMP INKSCAPE BLENDER and others that are available on Linux and can actually give proprietary professional software a run for its money.

 -Web Developer. Linux is the OS of the INTERNET, but it isn't only good for serving web content but also for creating it. This idea is for a channel that covers the tools and the code for creating great web applications.

Of course if two ideas get 20 claims, I'm going for it. If the project gets fully funded and all 3 ideas get 20 claims, I can do all 3 of them (I sort of want to do all 3 of them). If you have an idea for a side project that could benefit from the BLHT funding and equipment, just contact me.

Electronic Sport Insomnia

I have never cheered at a sport event, I have never cared about somebody else doing something. In Bulgaria soccer is king and everybody watches and likes it, everybody except me. 22 idiots running after the ball. Formula 1 is a different story, I watch hoping for somebody to crash (I'm an asshole). But I never care who wins. Recently ( Wednesday ), I was introduced to E Sport. StarCraft 2 is a game I have never played, I have played a lot of the original StarCraft. But SC2 is a real time strategy game and I can understand what is going on even if I haven't played. I can understand who is awesome and who just shot himself in the foot, I can appreciate the skill of the player and the intelligence of the strategy. So I got hooked, one tournament I watched while @job was epic. 

It's not a real tournament, in the sense that the winner is voted on. But it has great entertainment value. So finally I have something to look at. If you aren't into sports, and are a geek like me, try this type of entertainment.

So after watching this I ended up going through the boxes at home and finding the StarCraft discs. I'm not buying StarCraft 2, my computer is too old. So I find SC and load it into wine, unfortunately it has no sound and lags. So SC on Linux on my system is unplayable, I have no idea why. So I actually went to Win7 ( which also has some performance issues, and a graphics issue ), and haven't slept 3 nights in a row.

I guess I could have just written watch this and StarCraft rulzzez.

30 August 2012

Linux Powered Atheism???

DISCLAIMER: Just some babble!

I was foolish enough to post a post in the Atheist group on facebook that wasn't related to Atheism. I't was a link to something about my indiegogo campaign. So people in the group pointed out that spamming the group with irrelevant stuff isn't right, and they were right. For that I offer my sincerest apologies. Unfortunately I deleted the post without copying the comments. One thing I remember that was written was the question of how does Linux relate to Atheism? It doesn't. Even if both Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds are atheists, their vision for technology couldn't have been relevant in their decision to identify as such. My usage of Linux is also not in any way related to my atheism. I didn't believe when I was using windows and I would still use Linux even if both Linux Torvalds and Richard Stallman were deeply religious. Why am I using Linux and why am I an atheist? People live their lives in the frames of their convictions, and the only conviction I would wish to hold would be to reason. As much as I would like to draw the line between atheism and linux through my own reasoning, I would place myself in the position of adding unnecessary baggage to the simple rejection of religious claims. I could draw the line between my socialism and linux, but that still would require an unwarranted stretch that neither socialism nor linux can bear. And how about socialism and atheism, should I connect them?

My atheism has no connection to my political or technological views. If we start placing implications on top of atheism we would be committing the same fallacy we see from apologists when they draw the line between atheism and communism or nationalism. Although they seem to draw the line not by having atheism explicitly apparent, but implied through godlessness. If it was demonstrated that the totalitarian genocidal regimes are exclusively atheist, I would still be one and identify publicly as one. Atheism starts at the claim there is a god, and ends at my rejection of that claim. My anti-theism on the other hand goes much further than that. To say that atheism was the cause of something would mean to give it properties it couldn't have. My atheism is the product of my Mother, she read to me Greek and Egyptian myths and legends. Another thing I remember from my childhood is a big encyclopedia that had a ton of stuff on space, planets and dinosaurs. At the same time there were some christian cartoons on TV, and if a child can recognize discrepancies between reality and the claims of religion, then religion has no case to present.

My Linux use on the other hand is very well documented on my blog and everywhere else I have written anything on the internet. But I will make the claim that if there is a line to be drawn between my atheism and reasoning and then to my choice of operating system then there is a line connecting the two. Albeit making a detour through my reasoning faculties. My anti-theism is connected to my anti-totalitarianism and anti-oppression and this connects to my linux use. Even if we were permitted to make such connections we still would have to concede that the motivation behind a given position is what connects it to another. So what one property of me would be relevant to both positions. A trait that would be sought after in any circumstance.

I am an anti-theist because I don't like the idea that some person could claim that he has dominion over me, given to him by a higher being that has not been demonstrated to me. I use Linux because I don't like the idea that some person could claim that he has dominion over me, given to him by a licensing agreement. Linux and Atheism meet each-other in freethinking freethinker geeks that believe in freedom. Atheism inspired Linux powered freedom 2.0!

25 August 2012

Samsung VS Apple

Samsung ordered to pay Apple $1bn - Americas - Al Jazeera English
You see a headline like this in the news and realize that apple isn't actually competitive because of the quality of their products or the innovation in their technology. Even if Android came to the scene later than iOS you shouldn't forget that Symbian was there first. So where is Nokia in this pissing contest? Nowhere, they aligned themselves with Microsoft which is more or less irrelevant in this market. Apple is the company that should be applauded for reinventing the wheel, iWheel or the discovery of iFire. Apple can take an old idea and refurbish it, and then make a marketing campaign to sell it. And they are largely successful because of their army of fan boys who flood the web by regurgitating the sales pitches from the commercials, in their so called technology blogs and websites. Popular electronics, useless BS. I have yet to see a real technology expert or die hard geek really make a case for iOS. MacOS is different, UNIX is always good! So what is Apple's policy, make generic products and when somebody comes with a better take on what you tried to accomplish, sue the hell out of them. So no more. If you are a real geek you are unimpressed by Apple. If you are just a consumer, save yourself the headache and stay away from iOS. And let them sue, let them sue their asses of while fading into obscurity.
On the other hand, yeah. Who would have thought that Apple would win the jury in the US. Welcome to planet retard. The judge thought that a metal frame and icons are highly technical terms, that shows how competent she is to lead a trial like that. And of-course the reporter's remarks at the end of the segment show exactly how much he understood what has just happened. You would expect the Wired to give some real info on the subject matter but there isn't "The jury found that Samsung infringed upon Apple patents having to do with physical design and user interfaces, often willfully, and that several of the South Korean company’s products diluted Apple’s trade dress, especially as it related to various iPhone models."! So yes, everybody that has ever made a smart phone is infringing on apple patents, and the next step is for Apple to sue Sony since the Walkman infringes on iPod patents. Innovation by illiterate jury. I can only say, DIE PATENT OFFICE DIE!

23 August 2012

Remake BLHT

Hello, my name is Mario Kukucov.
In a few words, Linux made computers exciting for me all over again. Part of the reason to switch to Linux are my interests in the field of web development, most websites are hosted on Linux based servers and a good web developer needs to be comfortable with configuring and administering such a server. Which is where BLHT comes in.
BLHT stands for "Big Long Hard Tutorial"!
As you can see, it is somewhat ready, 12 videos 1 hour and 44 minutes but not yet complete. Unfortunately it is already outdated, and the quality is nothing to write home about. So I want to do it all over again. Unfortunately my laptop died on me. And my main computer is far too old to do the whole work on his own. Plus I can't afford myself to miss going to my day job and do it all over again. Now we expect to have a new version of openSUSE in September and one of my hopes is that this type of videos would promote my favorite Linux distro. So I am itching to stay awake till 3AM waiting for the video to render and upload.

So what do I need?
In principle I'm determined to do this funded or not. Depending on the amount of funds gathered I may buy a camera to record my face while I'm explaining concepts that don't require anything on the screen. I would like to buy two computer systems. One to do the work on, one to record on. I would like to buy something like a hauppauge Colossus model 1414  for the video recording and a RODE PODCASTER for the audio. I am not sure what software I will need but unless there is a real show stopper on Linux I will do everything with FOSS. Last but not least is time, the equipment could probably be bought with 3000 gold dragons, but I need to free up some time off from work and that means not paying my bills, every 35$ give me a day off work. Without adequate equipment I managed a 10 min tutorial every free day. WIth the equipment I want to buy I think I could manage 30 minutes of video for every 8 hrs of work. Surely more once I streamline the whole process.

Who should be interested in this?
Me, I can’t argue for reasons for you to fund my project. For me it would be the funding that keeps on funding. Once I have everything in place I can complete the BLHT and start the next project. My work as a consultant in the field of IT has left me feeling like an educator, and if permitted I would dedicate my career to teaching and explaining everything from Linux to android development and from Python to CSS3.

If you can spare 2$ or more and you would like to see a completely free (free for others not for you if you have donated) series of lessons about linux and web servers, give it here. If you don’t have 2$ but you like the idea, and would entrust me the responsibility to carry it out in a way you would like it to be, just spread the word.

Feel free to look through the videos I have made and give me some feedback. All constructive criticism will be taken into consideration if I manage to make the series all over again.

22 August 2012

Moar Scam Over Skype

I can't claim that this is a real scam. No person or corporate entity can be show to be engaged in fraudulent conduct based on this chat session. Due to the nature of the comunication I cannot claim that the person is who he says he is or that his affiliation to the financial institution in question is what he claims it is.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
[7:02:14 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: Dr.John Mensah
Director: Treasury and Exchange Unit
Foreign Remittance Department
Ministry of Finance

Dear Friend ,
First, I must solicit your confidence in this letter. I am Dr John Mensah, the director of treasury and bill exchange at the foreign remittance department in the ministry of Mines and power where I work. Myself and three other colleagues in this department are currently in need of a foreign partner who will present a designated safe foreign account where we can transfer into the sum of ($7,700.000.00). This fund accrued legitimately to us as commission from foreign contracts, through our private connections. The fund is presently waiting to be remitted by the UBA bank to any foreign bank account presented by us for this remittance.
I have been delegated as a matter of trust by my colleague, to look for a honest foreign partner in whose account we will transfer the sum of $7,700,000.00 us dollars for mutual benefit and further investment projects in your country. On smooth conclusion of this transaction, you will be entitled to your own share of the total sum as gratification. We have agreed that 30 % of this money will be for you as our foreign partner, in respect to the provision of a foreign bank account for the transfer, 5% will be set aside for expenses incurred during the transfer process and 65% would be for me and my colleague.
And other necessary information will be sent to you as soon as possible you get back to me.
Here is my information below:

Thank You.
Yours faithfully,
Dr. John Mensah.
[7:04:21 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: You don't say!
[7:05:01 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: yes
[7:05:34 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: I need a reliable honest and trust worthy person to entrust this business with i was simply inspired and motivated to pick your contact I know you are capable to champion in business of such magnitude without any problem.
[7:06:12 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: really? OK
[7:06:23 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: What do you need me to do?
[7:09:38 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: can you come i will take you to the bank for you to  see every thing your self, also do paper work your self
[7:10:47 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: Unfortunately I am in Sofia Bulgaria.
[7:13:39 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: i need your full information

(1) Full Name
(2) Phone and Fax
(3) House Address
(4) Marital status
(5) country of Origin
(6) Passport No
[7:16:48 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: are you there
[7:17:05 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: I'm not comfortable with disclosing so much personal information over skype. Is there another method of communicating by which I could send you the relevant data. Mail or DHL?
[7:20:25 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: here is my email id: dr.john_mensah@ymail.com
[7:22:11 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: Give me a real address and I will send you the data through a courier service.
[7:24:15 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: send it via email
[7:25:27 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: The internet isn't secure. If you don't give me an address the deal is off.

Scam over skype

Here we go again!

19 August 2012

A month of writing Project Konflikt

After a month of writing 'Project Konflikt' is nearing a playable alpha. So lets reflect on the work that has been done. A disclaimer first, a month is more like  a week of writing because of job and other stuff. Another disclaimer, 'Project Konflikt' is a working title.

So what is 'Project Konflict'? It is a turn based card game inspired by Magic: The Gathering. The idea came more from METAL GEAR ACID 2 and me, but my two co-producers have big collections of Magic card decks and you can't say card in their presence without hearing about the former! As it is the format is a duel between two people, and the goal is to destroy the main ship of your opponent. A ship as in a space ship. When you go to the game website you are going to be able to register or play as a guest. If you play as a guest you get a basic deck and access to the common lobby where you can challenge registered players or other guests. If you register you get an account and an initial deck. Registered players win experience and some type of currency for every game they play, more if you win less if you lose. As you get experience you level up, leveling gives you access to a higher class lobby and unlocks better cards in the store. The decks in the game are build around the main ship, it has it's own hit points and specs but more importantly it has a number of cards you can take in the field with that ship. The ships also define the positions on the field by their port and bay properties. The ports are used for one type of cards and the bays for another. Ports are used for shields radars and turrets, bays are the space in front of the ship on which you can play interceptor or bomber cards. On the bays is another twist we are proud of, the bay cards are composite cards. Composite or stack cards are squadrons of whatever you want. The idea is that cards can be attacked directly, and a bomber is defenseless against interceptors, so to get the bomber to the enemy ship you need to stack him with interceptors who can defend him. These are the basic concepts.

As far as the code is concerned I am going at it alone, and I am trying to make sure that the game can be played on any browser anywhere and make sure that the server can be connected to android or iOS native clients. Unfortunately this is hard if you have only 4 or 5 hours a week. I am going to make an http://www.indiegogo.com/ project probably sometime next month and if I get some sort of funding this will become a full time occupation for me.

Something unfortunate that people should know is that we still don't have a graphical designer and/or artist. In the field that I job in there are a lot of people who would be adequate for this but none of them are close to the project so they wouldn't work for free, so I guess this issue would be resolved if there was funding. On the other hand one of the co-producers is now going in the field of graphics so by the time the code is ready we may have a person prepared to do the work.

If interested in the project feel free to contact me, I am all over the Internet.

15 June 2012

Scam Over Skype

I can't claim that this is a real scam. No person or corporate entity can be show to be engaged in fraudulent conduct based on this chat session. Due to the nature of the comunication I cannot claim that the person is who he says he is or that his affiliation to the financial institution in question is what he claims it is. The only editing of the original text is the removal of words that would not be reflective of the high quality standards I have set for this blog!

Friday, June 15, 2012
[1:06:54 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: Hello,


How are you doing over there hope fine, I respectfully insist that you read this mail carefully because I know it will open doors for unimaginable financial reward for both of us. There is no doubt that this business transaction might not fall, within the wide spectrum of your business activities, but I plead your assistance and your flair for profitable business is highly appraised.

My name is Mr. Emmanuel Donkor; I am the account officer of united bank for Africa. (UBA)  here in Ghana .I am writing you this mail for something very important, I have been a banker for almost 7 years.

However after series of petition was received by this present regime from foreign contractors and inability of the united bank for Africa (UBA) to fulfilled their obligation for the payment of its foreign creditors, in conjunction with the council of ministers, they mandated us to carry out a careful and comprehensive review of all overdue payments to foreign contractors and effect payment immediately.

During the above mentioned process. We discovered an abandoned sum of $14,300,000.00 USD (Fourteen  Million Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars only.) in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer who died in a brief illness.and his account of $14,300,000.00 USD (Fourteen Million Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars only.)with us have been unclaimed due to unavailability of next of kin/relatives to claim his money.

We have been expecting his next of kin/relatives to come over and claim his money because we cannot release it unless somebody applies for it as next of kin/relatives to the deceased as indicated in our banking guidelines and laws.

In accordance with the escheat laws in here in Ghana as a kingdom, the board of directors of the bank met four days ago and resolved to release the deceased money over to Government having waited for too long without the deceased relatives/next of kin surfacing. And if this is done, invariably, the funds will end up becoming Government money. And it is as a result of this discovery that I and other officials in my department now decided to make this business proposal to you and release the money to you as the next of kin to the deceased for safety and subsequent disbursement since nobody is coming for it In view of this, I am seeking your cooperation and understanding to stand as the deceased next of kin to enable us claim the inheritance before the period given by the bank elapse.

    If you are interested and in agreement with me, get back to me quickly and I will send to you all our bank contacts and the information you may need to proceed without coming to Ghana, and be rest assured that it is 100% risk free project and the proceedings will be shared 50% each once the fund are repatriated into your account anywhere in the world. My email: (emmanueldonkor.donkor@gmail.com)

Please reply  immediately with your information including your telephone number for easy communication and oral discussion. I await your prompt response immediately.


    Do not fail to reply me

    Mr. Emmanuel Donkor

    Account Officer

    United bank for Africa Accra Ghana.

    +233 2790 77786.
[1:09:54 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: Are you crazy? Does this work on anybody?
[1:10:09 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: why
[1:12:05 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: Don't avoid it. Confess, you are pulling a scam on me, you a######!
[1:12:31 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: thi his not a scam
[1:12:51 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: just let me know if you can receive the money ok
[1:13:12 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: i am an account officer to my bank
[1:13:26 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: Emmanuel Donkor
[1:13:30 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: you are a CRIMINAL
[1:14:07 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: why are you saying this to me i am assuring you that this his real
[1:16:10 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: NOPE, CRIMINAL! I am assuring you this is a scam.
[1:17:02 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: you lie you are missing your chance
[1:17:56 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: yeah, I am missing the chance to get ripped off by you you s### F### OFF
[1:18:39 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: why are you thinking so low
[1:18:47 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: like a babe
[1:19:22 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: because d######, these scams are all over the internet and the news and everybody know about them
[1:19:51 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: I just can't believe that somebody still falls for this s###
[1:20:17 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: his you that think his a scam
[1:20:44 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: You know what they say that when something is too good to be true, it probably isn't!
[1:21:16 PM EEST] emmanuel.donkor: but this his not a scam


This isn't the first time that I have had this type of scam thrown at me. I leave my Skype in "Skype Me" mode and they just start flooding in. If you get this type of message somewhere, just don't pay attention to it or call the authorities!

25 May 2012

Buying a new laptop!

Till now I had two PCs on my desk, one desktop and one laptop. The laptop died, so now I need a new one. I hate buying anything, but let me give you my buying logic. In general laptops are more expensive less useful devices with harder and more expensive maintenance and in many cases have impossible to find spare parts and shorter lifespan than their desktop counterparts. The only reason to buy one is the potential of taking it with you when you go somewhere, but you rarely do because they aren't mobile. You can buy a netbook, but they are completely useless. There is a hard stop to laptop size dictated by the keyboard, the number field is important to me and the smallest size laptop on the market with that type of keyboard is 15.6 inch. This narrows down our selection to only that type of laptop. My computer support/repair service background has left me with some preconceptions about the brands.

Fujitsu Siemens have never wowed me with great build quality, plus the spare parts cost an arm and a leg in Bulgaria and it is always a month of waiting till you get the part.

Toshiba are constantly plagued by hard drive problems, and it isn't just Toshiba HDD but any brand of HDD in a Toshiba laptop. I must clarify that this is a personal observation from my practise and not some sort of objective statistical and/or tested and proven claim.

Acer I just hate, I don't know why!

HP in my experience have the tendency for the chipset to detach from the PCB, event if they have some of the cheapest models on the market I still wish to use my new laptop for at least two years and that type of malfunction is hard to fix so most people opt for a new one as probably would I.

DELL, nothing bad to say about DELL!

IBM! I have cases of people using IBM laptops for 5-7 years. Unfortunately I have a bit of confusion about the whole Lenovo thing, Lenovo laptops aren't as popular as some of the other brands so I have no observation about them, maybe they inherited the quality of IBM or maybe they didn't since they opted to make cheap laptops.

Cheap this and cheap that, but I do want a cheap one so...

I am pretty sure I will go for Lenovo or DELL! The laptop I just burned was an old MSI gaming type that served me well for several years, but it was a top of the line model when I bought it, this time we are going for the cheapest we can get!

24 May 2012

Game Development Funding!

We are moving full steam ahead towards the completion of "Project Konflikt"(we still don't have a title)! So I looked around for possible funding options.

Sales Revenue.
Free stuff is more popular in general.

AD Revenue.
Nobody in his right mind would click on an ad while playing a game! I have no idea what type of a game developer (generally smart person) would consider this option. I have been trying to raise revenue with ads on different types of content and it just doesn't work. As it has been said, the content you are creating needs to be in sync with the viewer and the ads in order to have your thing serve as a stepping stone in the market chain. Otherwise the interest in your content doesn't translate into sales for the person advertising! If you write about computers you should have computer ads, if you have a game about plumbing and you have plumbing ads the kid that clicks on the pipes wouldn't be interested in buying anything. Consider BATTLEFIELD 3, what can they sell P90 "Pause this ONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAME to purchase your personal defense weapon now. Click Here (I'm pretty sure this link violates google's code of conduct)!", BS! ADS in games can't work!

Donations Revenue.
The tip jar mentality, you can't live on that. Donations work only for very awesome stuff and only after nagging people to GIVE MONEY! The term e-begging I personally find repulsive, but I would implement it only if people demand the option, and you need something really awesome for that to happen!

Crowd Funding.
Kickstarter can go to hell, the project guidelines are needlessly restrictive and only US residents can participate. The alternative indiegogo looks much better, but it seems to be less popular. How did kickstarter become popular, they are openly assholes.

So the project conflict funding scheme will be all of the above. The game will be a web based spaceship battle card game that may or may not have ads and a donation section, we will sell special in game stuff. There are also going to be a space battle paraphernalia store and I am thinking about a native android client in two versions, one free and one donate version.

We found a graphics artist and we should have some visuals soon-ish! So yeah, I'm not sitting on my hands. My laptop died yesterday, so now I need to finish the game and make profit for a new one. Project Konflikt will be coming just as soon by any other name.

22 May 2012

Crazy Day!

OK. So yesterday evening I was finishing the six Windows XP systems, I had two to go. And the last two turned out to be defective, cheap piece of China made PSU ( Power Supply Unit )! So I repackaged them to be brought back to the re-seller in the morning. Good news, I get to go to bed at 00:30! But I couldn't fall asleep until 01:30 because I watched some nondescript thing on TV. At 03:00 in the night my Predator Dream (nightmare) was abruptly cut short by an earthquake, and there were aftershocks till 05:00! So I got a hour and a half of sleep last night! I took the systems and me and my mom got in the car to go to job, as she was getting out of the car the passenger door slumped down. FFS, so I lifted it up and managed to close it and slowly drove to the mechanic. After the car door was fixed I went to my business partner's job to take the warranty papers for the two defective systems. Then on to the store, left the systems there and went to job myself at 10:00, one hour late! Everything was uneventful until lunch when the good people at the fast food place messed up my order. So I had to go back to the restaurant and be mean to a very cute girl that works there, but it is a matter of principle! And then a hail storm hit, and a ton of rain. And the office got flooded, so we started to mop up and dry and plug holes and make nice. The entire job day was a nightmare, my feet were wet the whole time, I thought I was going to get trench foot. On the way home I picked up the defects from the store and Ghost 4 Linux is currently restoring the second one, I just hope it finishes before I fall in a coma from sleep deprivation. And while waiting I caught a news report of crows attacking people in the center of Sofia. What the hell is wrong with today? I feel like it's all a bad dream. I'm going to bed before I fall asleep with my nose on the enter key.

20 May 2012

Slow down!

Honestly, I have no indication of people following the blog regularly. The youtube channel hasn't gained any relevant amount of subscriptions, and the sites google google site website analytics show no views. And I'm on the balcony at home doing nothing about it (writing this blog but otherwise nothing)! But look at how nice the weather is...  What can be done? More fresh relevant content. But to have relevant content you need to track news letters and project blogs, you need to download and install new things to play around with. And I have some serious time constraints (boohoo). So what have I been doing? Job is currently focusing on a wireless network in a small village close to Sofia, it is based on Ubiquiti's NanoStation Access Points. The devices are already positioned and my task is to prep it for deployment. We have a small Intel Atom based Linux CentOS Router to do the heavy lifting, and it is awesome. The backbone connection to the village is also a wireless link, so the Router needs to be there to filter unwanted packets. I have a local security task but it's a small task. Work is harder this Sunday, 6 computers to setup Windows on. Fortunately they are identical so no issues with throwing an image around. What else. Working on "Project Konflikt", coding every evening. I should probably ask for community support for the artwork, if somebody wants to make a pretty space ship and see it in the game contact me. So this is what I wanted to write today to have it on the record that the blog and the youtube channel and the website are not dead and I haven't lost interest, I'm just slowing them down to free up some time for other stuff.

10 May 2012

Great Free Game Available on everything!

I have had some "awesome deprivation" last week, but this week! The great god Cthulhu has blessed Linux with a big bucket'o awesome. It's UFO: Alien Invasion by the people at the UFO: Alien Invasion Team! You can download the game and the source code from the official website, it is also on Desura so don't waste time reading, go play.

Still here? OK. So the game is 3 parts "defend earth from aliens tycoon" and 2 parts "turn based tactical strategy"! The tycoon part presents you with the planet earth, where you can build bases, ufo  scrap yards, radars, defense turrets. The goal is to defend all the nations from the threat of aliens. The bases you build need to have command centers and alien containment places and living quarters and power generators. Once you have the separate buildings you need employees to do research and to produce weapons and aircrafts. 

Of course you need soldiers to defend the base from alien attacks against you. Your main task is to respond to ufo incidents by dispatching drop ships with soldiers. For your soldiers to be efficient you need to equip them with the gear needed to face the alien threat. So you capture alien technology, research it in the lab, and then produce new weapons in the workshop. Whenever you face your enemy you can either resolve it automatically, or personally lead the troops. This brings you to a turn based tactical battle where you give orders to your team in turn based combat, if you have done your homework prior to the engagement you will have the weapons and equipment needed to win.

You can also build interceptors to attempt to shoot down alien craft before they land, but I haven't managed to consistently do that so good luck. 

There are some bugs in the game, but it is stable-ish! Give it a try, it is worth it.

06 May 2012

OMG! Nothing to write about!

BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: Don't waste your time reading this, it just isn't going to be any good! Go out, play around in the sun, enjoy life!

I have been researching some security stuff for work! I have had one hard day at job. So blog about that, why not!

First, nothing to write. Too tired to read, so just sleeping in front of the TV watching the end of civilization. The Investigation Discovery channel is showing all sorts of stupid ghost shows, if you believe in ghosts don't read my blog and go away. I even twitted to them to call them retarded. Discovery science has also brought the level down a lot, it used to be about physics and space and stuff, now they give prizes. I haven't seen a movie in years so I tried HBO, HBO is HBSO (you figure it out)!

Second, security research. "Penetration Testing", they call it. And I'm not talking about the good 80's German movies where everybody has mustaches, and I'm not talking about the face and/or the men. When you have a new company you can't turn down work so whatever comes you just do, and it is fun but I am so new to it that it comes as a task (hard work). I would love to write more about that but Google says that hacking tutorials are "a big no no", so yeah! Thanks Google, for making the Internet dull. I will just say that Backtrack-Linux is awesome and it makes hacking "child's play"!

What is it, third? Does it matter (no)? So we had cables to install for a security surveillance system @job, through underground pipes. But there was no room in the pipes so, Thursday was the least fun day in existence!

So yeah, this post explains what I mean when I say that this is my personal blog! Plus it may actually help you realize that not only your life is a sad meaningless existence, your welcome!

02 May 2012

Game Development Gaming Influence

I just played through Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 and realized something, my ideas are not that original! I have been working on a game concept for a while, a story heavy first person shooter. I envision it like a role playing Killzone(the first Killzone(the best one)) and metal gear mishmash. And you realize that if you mix the two you will get something entirely different from both of them, something unique spun from the two. So yeah, not very original. Then there is the whole Konflikt project that is in the works, my input in the write up is influenced by Metal Gear ACID 2, and the co-writers always draw comparisons from Magic: The Gathering. OK, so we have two potential projects that are influenced by major names in the industry. Not very original at all!

So lets make an original game, lets make something that isn't based on anything else. But I can't imagine such a game, can I remember a game like this. Quake 1, but that was sort of based on DOOM. What was DOOM based on? I am too young to know the answer. How about Sims, an economic simulator, so no first there either. There is definitely a first for everything, if you care you can research to see what game started what genre. That would be irrelevant, we only care about the last five to ten years.

What innovative games did we have in the last five to ten years. I don't know. What good innovative experiments did we have in the last five to ten years... none, one? Do you know the answer? This is a hard exercise, so lets make it easier. What original movies did we have in the last 20 years? We didn't. The Matrix and Fight Club, as good as they are they aren't as original as you think. If you are in your forties, nothing seems new, does it.

Your taste for games is subjective, as is for everybody else. There are titles we like and genres we prefer, there are platforms we are comfortable with. Everybody likes playing different things, but true (by my definition) gamers have tried a lot of different things, enjoyed some more than others, and have thought of how something can be expanded on or made better. So as game developers think about what the best game would be, they think of the context of some game and build from there. It is a flow of differentiation that gives us variations of sub genres where basic game principles are repeated with variation giving the gamers a plethora of choices. Thus, I submit to you that wild never before seen things aren't as important, as the shared common understanding of what we like.

Don't worry that you are making the next Star Craft, just make a better Star Craft!

All brands and tittles are property of their respective owners, I am in no way affiliated with any of them and I actually don't really care about them since most don't release native Linux DRM free versions of their tittles!

01 May 2012

Game Development Project Konflikt p1

So I have been doing everything I can to be all over the Internet, trying to be interesting and talking about all sorts of things. I have a google-plus and facebook and a twitter and of course this blog, I'm leaving the YouTube channel out of this since it is part of a totally separate thing. If you are sane you would ask "Why would you want to be on the Internet, it's stupid?". Several obvious answers:
-it's not stupid
-everybody is on the Internet
-it's google

The first two are self explanatory, the third is sort of hard to explain. A group of artists wanted to make a manga comic, during the process of making it they posted parts of the artwork on the deviantART website, among other web venues, the idea is to spread the word about their project. I am doing the same thing, trying to spread the word about the game I'm developing, it's marketing hence google. So a question you may or may not have at this point is "Why the non game posts?" , the answer is as simple as it is concerning. Exposure, a single theme on the blog would narrow down the audience, thus making it inefficient to the purpose it was created for. Am I dishonestly trying to promote my game project? No. The blog is awesome and I'm very happy whit what it is, it will be forked into several blogs to separate the types of content I create (personal, technology, corporate), but there is no point at this point. So this is my personal blog, personal thoughts and stuff.

About the game. This isn't my first game, but it will be the first to be released to the public. "Konflikt" is just a working tittle. The game will be an HTML(I'm not kidding) browser game, I say HTML because it will require only html. This is a hard goal to accomplish since there are limitations to that type of technology, the decision to develop the game this way is to be nondiscriminatory against technology, this way the game will be playable in browsers like Links or the browser of the first PSP. Once this goal is complete I will build upon it to make a version that has images, then a JavaScript AJAX version and then an HTML5 Canvas version. The canvas version can then be wrapped in web-kit and be released as a native client for various platforms. The core of the game will be either PHP or python (it will be PHP(probably)). As far as development goes, we are still working on the write up of all the features and concepts and we don't have a graphics designer yet. The game will have a tutorial campaign, several singleplayer campaigns and the main selling point will be multiplayer.

Funding is non existent at this point, we may try some sort of crowd funding but we need a public alpha version before we can ask people to pay for anything. I will be posting some more information when we finish with the initial write up.

Gamecasting: Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2 Beta Footage.
Click the annotation for the profession you wish to see.
Every Guild Wars 2 profession skills and weapons showcase with commentary.

This is from my brother's youtube channel. He is sort of sick right now so his nose is clogged with snot, so he sounds weird (enjoy)!

30 April 2012


TV IS DEAD, MUAHHAHAAH! But seriously, it is! TV is as dead as it can be, nothing is as dead as TV. I was watching HBO yesterday and realized that I am wasting my life looking at this idiot box. Conventional TV is a one way communication system, and although there are phones and tweets and websites that can augment the experience by reflecting feedback, feedback doesn't fit with the inner workings of a TV channel. Sending feedback to CNN is like prayer(a.k.a. GOD feedback), my "NEWS FAIL LOL" comment somehow doesn't translate into affecting broadcast scheduling (CNN has a plan(CNN has an agenda))! But since the Internet is king media, TV broadcasting tries to suck up to it and that is why channels now have crowd sourced news commentary programs. Like Aljazeera's "the stream" , where bloggers and vloggers battle to the death to win incredible prizes.

TV is old media, youtube is new media! The user generated content can surpass dogmatic broadcasting with no effort, simply by volume, our network is flooded with easily accessible content that is more relevant to our interests, by idiots for idiots! We have on demand free infotainment that can be consumed every which way but loose. And TV is following along, I have apps on my tablet that allow me to watch CNN, Aljazeera and RT while at job, school, toilet, subway or park! Yet I rarely do, what I watch is youtube videos, granted that both Aljazeera and RT have youtube channels (I am subscribed to both). But I don't want news on youtube, I want crowd commentary, way over the top misguided uninformed personal subjective biased opinion, but if I want useless noise why not watch FOX-NEWS? Because fox-news doesn't cover the topics I care about, they don't have the type of shows I like, and nobody does. Some times the Discovery Science channel shows something interesting, but it is rare that they show something I like plus even the things I like don't always fit in my schedule. Everything needs to be "on demand", and it is more and more as we breach the gap between TV and internet. TV is expensive, internet is cheap. I have a youtube channel, this blog and I'm making a Sites Google site website (which is awful), all free, plus I earn revenue from it(I don't actually, but you could). Granted that you will need to invest money if you want to have a more professional feel. But a low entry cost into content creation and distribution makes it possible for experiments filling a niche where I'm at. Big networks don't go for a specific viewer, they are trying to hit a mythological personality stereotype that fits with all of humanity, that neither nature nor THE GODS would have exist.

There are two shows I want to plug, the first one is an interest of mine since I'm a big Linux Fan Boy! It is Jupiter Broadcasting 's Linux Action Show , this is a weekly live show accessible on demand. This is a show tailor made for ME! The second one is also a weekly and live and on demand, The Atheist Experience TV Show!

So OK, we have two examples of net-shows working models. So now the big companies want to invent the Internet TV, a hardware contraption that makes the TV and the PC into one. Of course we are talking about the Apple and the Google TV. But I have had an Internet enabled TV for as long as I have had a computer, I remember using an S-Video cable to connect my 21 inch retro pipe sarcophagus style TV to the TV-out port on my GeForceFX graphics card, I have had youtube and video on demand on my TV since the day youtube was created. So yeah, they are really innovating (BS)! Two things you should remember when the big companies say they invented the Internet enabled TV, http://www.mythtv.org/ and http://xbmc.org/ ! So yeah, I'm returning the decoders to the cable company and getting my content over the web! And yes, Netflix and Hulu aren't available where I live.

27 April 2012

Mobile Blog Test

Ok, so here is an attempt to blog on the move! I don't know if kids these days will grant me the mobile claim since the post is written on a tablet device, and there is a big difference between tablets and smart phones. I'm using a 10 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab and trying to use the blogger android app. It works, but misses some features. The most important one is the spell checker, my spelling capacity is pathetic at the best of times, but typos are a concern for everybody when using on screen keyboards. I suppose that both are a matter of practice, and that with time as I write more posts mobilely both my spelling and touch typing skills will improve.

me blogging
Me Blogging in the bathroom!!!
How Mobile is that, lol!!!
A nice feature is the direct adding of pictures from the sd-card or the camera,  but you can't position them so I don't know where in the post they will end up. Alternatively you can mobile blog using the web browser. Now, on this device the web browser experience is clunky, the interface of the blogger blog compose page is not touch friendly. The images added in the app are just thrown after the text so there is definitely a need to use a browser to align them with the text for the paragraph to which they are relevant, but this is impossible with the touch interface since drag an drop really isn't as good in a touch device as people would think, but it's not that its clunky, it is clunky whit the mouse, the touch just doesn't work. Another problem is that if you switch between the app and the web methods it duplicates your pictures, and this just isn't good. I'm warning you, be very careful not to jobble(what? it's a word.) your nicely typed and composed blog posts by making the error of opening them in the app, there will be unforeseen consequences.

The mobile blogging experience with the blogger app is lacking, but easier to use than the blogger website in a touch controlled browser. You would expect that a java application would be easier to use than a javascript web applet. And it is easier to make it feature full, somehow blogger or google failed to care about that. If you want to mobile-blog use the blogger app, but go to a computer for the final edit. At this point of the blog I'm touch typing like a boss, using the onscreen keyboard like a PlayStation controller (and I am a master at that controller, it's like an art form for me), but this technology is more suited to 140 chars social post, not paragraphs of blog.

Now I am back at a computer! We rarely take the time to appreciate what is truly good technology, a nice comfortable qwert keyboard can always take the cake. Maybe it's just something that my generation likes and kids growing up and experiencing "new" technology will some day rant against the high productivity conventions of our time.

26 April 2012

VIVA LA Debian

GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 12.02
GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 12.02
The most important distro in the Linux ecosystem is indisputably Debian ( and I don’t care what the FSF say )! There is a balancing act going in the Linux community, Fedora on the modern edge against Debian on the stable edge. Both trying to set a trend in computing, both underappreciated by the community. And I’m not trying to say that Linux is Fedora and Debian with whatever comes between them, as fine gradations from one philosophy to the other, there is no line between them with other distros at fixed increments denoting a shift in the concept. And when I say Fedora is modern, I’m not forgetting the hardcore more customizable suicidal distros that "real geeks" with free time use, it’s just for comparison purposes. Linux is more like a half-mesh network, where every node shares ideas with the others. And I say half-mesh since there is inheritance of technology among the nodes, with the core ( the Linux Kernel ) interconnecting the major branches, but the community ( the people ) interconnecting the smallest branches on the other end by following technology trends.

Let’s get to the point. GNU/Linux is a huge sea of code, it’s generated by a community of developers. In order to get this code to the users, developers package it in a distribution. Debian is a big huge stable Linux ( not strictly according to them ) distribution. The Debian project accomplishes the bulk of the work behind a usable stable operating system, it has everything needed to use your computer. In order to bring the variations needed to fill every niche of computing, other projects take Debian and refine it. You can use Debian for everything, granted you are up to the task of configuring the system. But it would be inefficient to do that at every install for every computer every time, easier to just install a preconfigured OS especially for the task. There are two names I recognize when looking through the gldt Debian branch, Knoppix and Ubuntu. Knoppix is something you should look at, Ubuntu you already know, vastly different but both Debian! Then of course you want to make sure that the more specialized needs of the users are also catered for, Ubuntu comes in two versions, one for the desktop and one for the server. Then there are distributions based on Ubuntu in the same way that Ubuntu is based on Debian, a very popular one is linuxMint. A strange linuxMint version is the LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition(The distro I am currently on!(it's good))), but all linuxMint is Debian based, and everything Ubuntu based is Debian based. PeppermintOS is as much Debian as 64studio and XBMCbuntu, they are all Debian!

Some Ubuntu fan boys are crying right now ( and yes, Ubuntu is so big that it has its own fan boys )! What you need to realize is that if Debian dies, the workload for the Ubuntu people will jump so far that they will have to turn to another Linux distro to take code from ( no offence ). So if you like Ubuntu or linuxMint or any other Debian based distro, click here!