31 March 2012

The Art Project

So this is the story with the art project. A big brand of beer is attacked with an idea by the good people at...

SHAMELESS PLUG!!! http://next-dc.com/

A few months later my business partner spends a sleep deprived hell week working on this...
It is a big-ish project to produce this metal thing complete with lights music and robotic record players! I imagine there is some sort of legality preventing me from going too deep in detail about the technology itself. I am just going to say it was a disgrace! Thankfully it doesn't really matter since I am viewing it as an art project.
The mechanics of the whole thing is 2 IP cameras and a special date place. One used to spy on your date through your smart-phone and one to take a pretty picture directly to your facebook account. And I'm not into such stuff. But if we go back to the right perspective...
People had fun and it looks awesome. It is sort of like a disco monolith!

On the first evening the structure was out, somebody punched it and the nice picture camera got ... shifted. So on day one we had to go fix it. So in closing I would like to thank the sorry waste of human being that did that!

29 March 2012

Business time!

So as part of breaking free I co-founded a company with a friend of mine.

SHAMELESS PLUG! http://it360.bg/

If you are going to start a business for the first time I suggest you don't go at it alone. If you have worked for yourself before maybe you can get away with being a one man/woman or undefined show. I had never worked alone before so I wouldn't have started at all without the support from my friend. The other thing is that the said friend turns out to be quite a go getter and has some business contacts I didn't know about, so score! And when I say friend I don't mean that necessarily it is someone you grew up with, it is enough just to have reasonable trust in your business partner and aligned views on how to move ahead. Another thing is that you shouldn't go for someone just like you, some differences among people can be beneficial to an organization as they broaden the view of THE HIVEMIND!!!

Another lesson you can learn pretty quickly is to invest. And when I say invest I mean outsource accounting. And that is pretty easy to do if you are an IT professional you surely have a client that is an accountant so you can arrange some sort of shady tit for tat deal. And if you aren't an IT professional maybe you are an accountant yourself in which case you do the same thing. Imagine if you are just now figuring out how to be productive and prosperous and you also have to learn accounting, you are pushing yourself. And when I say invest I most definitely don't mean the latest iOS device ( I hate those ), I know they are shiny but you probably don't need it. Plus, that money should go to hosting and SEO (search engine optimization ) if you haven't already taken care of that.

interactive art
Another tip I can give to people thinking of following the path of self employment is don't have expectations. If life serves you lemons, order tequila and call me! What I mean is that we basically offer tech support and our first serious customer was an interactive art marketing agency needing consulting for this project. Don't run from weird stuff, the strange and unknown can be much more fun than the beaten path!

Maybe I should tell you about the project in detail in a separate blog post.

That is it for today. Class, dismissed.

What am I talking about???

My personal journey through life doesn't matter to people who are not me. And people who are like me are not necessary like me enough to be interested in change as much as I am. If you are interested in change, keep reading!

What is meant when change is mentioned. I am unhappy with my life, I want to be happy. To be happy I need to define what makes me unhappy and change it.

Smoking makes me unhappy since it shortens an already short life and is far too expensive for an entreprenewbie when money is as tight as it is. There actually isn't much need to explain why I want to quit smoking, it's a no brainer. The issue to explain here is why am I still smoking, it is because I like it! And it is strange to like something that is going to kill you in a painful way. There are always the issues of habit and addiction but we all have had this conversation before. Some things I do to stop smoking are the smoke only on alarm ( you set your phone alarm to tell you when to smoke, you start on 30 min intervals and incrementally go through 60 min 90 min ) thing, smoke only on certain places ( don't smoke in front of a computer ) and chewing gum.

Work. I am unhappy with my work. Actually I am thrilled with my work, but my job is depressing. I job 9 to 6, Monday to Saturday and I work evenings on other projects. Unfortunately a video game is a bit hard to do in the other projects time. Fortunately there are easier things that fit perfectly in the evening slot. Things like writing this blog, making youtube videos and some digital arts. When I list my hobbies to someone they always presume I'm a student or something and then when I say what I work ( meaning job ) they say "No!" ( as in impossible )! And actually it is possible to have these hobbies and that job if you accept that a hobby is something you have done once 2 years ago. So there. I am planing to quit my job in the near future but to do that my projects need to be profitable.

So ok, thats life changing covered in a few sentences. What else am I going to talk about in this blog? Everything I do, why and how.

28 March 2012

Something worthwhile!!!

Hi, my name is Mario Kukucov and I would like to say something about myself.

When I was a little boy I really really liked video games. Unfortunately my family wasn't financially well off so an expensive hobby like that just wasn't sustainable. Another unfortunate circumstance in my early life was my obsessive character that wouldn't leave me at peace with the state of things. I ended up dropping out of high school to pursue the dream of becoming a game developer.

At the time I did that I really knew nothing about computers or programing, I didn't even own a computer simply because they were too expensive. So at 17 years of age I ended up working in an Internet / Game Club, seemed like a good idea at the time. My initial plan was to learn everything about computers that I could so that I could start making games. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that Internet / Game Club jobs didn't require much game development, basically wasted 2 years of my life supporting 10 Windows 98 and after that XP boxes.

Unfortunately for me it seems I had a bit of a talent and after the Club closed down my employer offered me a tech support position in a new ISP company he had started. My day to day work revolved around help desk, hardware and software maintenance and some network infrastructure maintenance. That went on for about 5 years. I am a type of legendary guru type Windows support technician and 5 years good cheap custom system assembler as in I assemble custom systems that are cheap and work for 5 years and counting. And after 7 years "in the industry" ( and this is in quotes because it is pathetic and I wasted my life ) I still haven't made a single game. But don't cry for me and don't feel bad, this is a good story. I am on the verge of unemployment ( Don't fall off now, it really is good! ) once again! To avoid joblessness I founded a tech support company together with a friend with the hope that working for myself would allow me the flexibility needed to pay the bills and develop video games. There are hard times ahead.

Everything new is hard but "hard" is irrelevant for something worthwhile!