31 March 2012

The Art Project

So this is the story with the art project. A big brand of beer is attacked with an idea by the good people at...

SHAMELESS PLUG!!! http://next-dc.com/

A few months later my business partner spends a sleep deprived hell week working on this...
It is a big-ish project to produce this metal thing complete with lights music and robotic record players! I imagine there is some sort of legality preventing me from going too deep in detail about the technology itself. I am just going to say it was a disgrace! Thankfully it doesn't really matter since I am viewing it as an art project.
The mechanics of the whole thing is 2 IP cameras and a special date place. One used to spy on your date through your smart-phone and one to take a pretty picture directly to your facebook account. And I'm not into such stuff. But if we go back to the right perspective...
People had fun and it looks awesome. It is sort of like a disco monolith!

On the first evening the structure was out, somebody punched it and the nice picture camera got ... shifted. So on day one we had to go fix it. So in closing I would like to thank the sorry waste of human being that did that!

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