28 March 2012

Something worthwhile!!!

Hi, my name is Mario Kukucov and I would like to say something about myself.

When I was a little boy I really really liked video games. Unfortunately my family wasn't financially well off so an expensive hobby like that just wasn't sustainable. Another unfortunate circumstance in my early life was my obsessive character that wouldn't leave me at peace with the state of things. I ended up dropping out of high school to pursue the dream of becoming a game developer.

At the time I did that I really knew nothing about computers or programing, I didn't even own a computer simply because they were too expensive. So at 17 years of age I ended up working in an Internet / Game Club, seemed like a good idea at the time. My initial plan was to learn everything about computers that I could so that I could start making games. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that Internet / Game Club jobs didn't require much game development, basically wasted 2 years of my life supporting 10 Windows 98 and after that XP boxes.

Unfortunately for me it seems I had a bit of a talent and after the Club closed down my employer offered me a tech support position in a new ISP company he had started. My day to day work revolved around help desk, hardware and software maintenance and some network infrastructure maintenance. That went on for about 5 years. I am a type of legendary guru type Windows support technician and 5 years good cheap custom system assembler as in I assemble custom systems that are cheap and work for 5 years and counting. And after 7 years "in the industry" ( and this is in quotes because it is pathetic and I wasted my life ) I still haven't made a single game. But don't cry for me and don't feel bad, this is a good story. I am on the verge of unemployment ( Don't fall off now, it really is good! ) once again! To avoid joblessness I founded a tech support company together with a friend with the hope that working for myself would allow me the flexibility needed to pay the bills and develop video games. There are hard times ahead.

Everything new is hard but "hard" is irrelevant for something worthwhile!

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