08 April 2012

The big long hard tutorial on stuff!!!

As previously mentioned, B.L.H.T. is an effort on my behalf to make a Linux tutorial geared towards new users. It is half way complete at this point and set aside due to time constraints. So while waiting for my schedule to become more lax I decided to try and promote it. Hopefully more views would get me some much needed feedback, everybody knows that feedback is the golden egg laying chicken for good content! Let's review the videos so far.

E01 Setup The Virtual Machine
This is the introduction and the beginning of the Big Long Hard Tutorial on stuff. In this part we setup VirtualBox, create a virtual machine and prep for the installation process.

E02 Installing The Operating System
In this part we install openSUSE.

E03 Very basic BASH in openSUSE
In this part we go through some basic very bash operations.

E04 Setting up SSH and a look at PuTTY!!!

In this part we run through installing the YaST sshd module, setting up ssh access to the system, allowing a port through the firewall, NAT ( network address translation ) settings in VirtualBox and finally connecting to the guest system using PuTTY and the ssh command in Lunux,

So allot basically.

E05 The curse of the headless system!
In this part we use the command line interface to control our now headless virtual machine. And we prepare a simple shell script to switch our system on and off auto-magically!!!

E06 Online Update
Just a quick look at YaST online update and it's configuration.

E07 VirtualBox NAT limitation
In this quick video we use VBoxManage to add a Network Interface Card to the virtual machine and then we use yast to configure it.

E08 Apache with PHP via YaST, the openSUSE way!!!
In this part we use yast to install Apache/PHP5. And we try it out with a terminal browser called Links and its awesome!!!

E09 Super fast MySQL installation!!!
In this part we are very quick at installing MySQL with yast and we setup yast2-runlevel and we mysql_secure_installation secure install mysql !!!

The information rationing in the videos varies. I personally like less info but clearly explained, otherwise it gets hard to remember anything. But shorter videos concentrated on a single topic may become hard to follow and the topics fragmented. The question is simple, three 5 min. videos or one 15 min. video? The next step in the series is samba, there is no easy way to give a little information about it. So what do you think, should I start a separate samba series or just skim over it as I am about to do with apache? Should I drop the YaST act and go nano /etc/whatever the whole way?

Part of the plan is to start a web development series, so the ability to setup and manage a web server is sort of important. I came to that conclusion because web development is what led me to Linux initially.

In order for this endeavor to be successful the people must speak. It's simple. Tell me whatever you want to tell me. Give me opinion or suggestion or rant! I will be thankful!

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