08 April 2012

Blog about Blogging. Why not?

I have five blogging ideas in a text file on my desktop. There are several notes under every idea describing what I need to touch on in the post to keep a type of theme to it. I know my conclusion on the different points and I know what motivated me to go to that particular subject. Basically the work flow gets broken down in several simple steps. Subject idea, post outline, filling the gaps.

When thinking on a subject, think about things that are interesting to you. I like Linux and Games so you won't read about horses on my blog!  The general consensus for a high performance professional blog is to specialize in one field  and stay current to events but commentary on issues already over commented and re posted a thousand times, could make the entire blog redundant and irrelevant. The actual value of the blog then is the view or opinion of the writer, contingent on his expertise and stance on the particular issue. That approach makes popularity and/or controversy the main selling points. My blog is a personal one, so the field explored is me and my personal issues. I have the best and most up to date information, thus the blog stands on my personality and ability to convey it!

My dog Kimi
"Hello. My name is Mario and this is my dog!"
by Mario Kukucov

Realistically even the biggest narcissist would  come to the conclusion that nobody cares about that sort of stuff! In order to become a publicly recognized figure you need to produce something of value to a large group of people, once you have a fan base who really care about you, then you can get away with mundane crap posts like that. And it isn't that famous people's mundane life is special, it's just a shared experience that can help normal non important unknown people like the reader relate and feel better about themselves. Think about doing the dishes and then the phone beeps you a picture tweet from Marilyn Manson (thought about using Mariah Carey in this example but nobody likes her) of a sink filled with a big pile of dishes and text "Cover me, I'm going in!", that would make it better for you. Now we inevitably hit the wall of logic and realize that I am not as interesting famous or important as Marilyn Manson ( and not many people are ). So why would anybody read a personal blog? My blog's description is "Not sure! Linux related probably! As in Linux tutorials and news and comments and whatever else tickles my fancy!!!", it is fairly accurate. In a sense the blog is personal as in it is a reflection of the blogger but deflecting from his or hers personality by offering just a narrow view into personal thoughts and interests. I'm very interested in IT so part of the blog is IT related, I'm biased towards Linux so there is a Linux bias.

Good writing skills are required to produce a good blog, but the free nature of the Internet accommodates for writers who aren't on par with the traditional standards adhered to when producing a book, for example. My view on required quality is that there is a point somewhere between the casual street talk half literate twitter standard and Shakespeare, if that point says "you are here" good for you. This comes from the realization that nobody reads the blog as literature, but the filling of the gaps between the separate points made needs to be enjoyable to some extent, and the longer the post is the more important it becomes to hone your wordsmith skills. There is a point to make about a unique style of writing and individuality, that it isn't something trained or sought, rather an emergent property of your work, established over time!

I would like to end this post with an invitation to people to produce personal content. Expression is the ultimate form of existence!

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