01 April 2012

Crossing over to Linux

Hi, it's me again. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a lot of hobbies and I also made a distinction between job and work. My work is what I'm doing now ( writing this post ). My job is the thing that I don't enjoy doing anymore ( I did before ) but it pays the bills, it is Windows system administration and general technology consultation. I think it was February 2011 when I got sick of Windows and decided to cross over to the other side. The last drop was my two Win7 boxes at home refusing to share files through the network with each-other.

I had very little experience with Linux at that time, I had touched a mail and a samba server through putty in a not so administration capacity ( whatever that is supposed to mean ). The ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) company I was working at used Fedora and CentOS based routers. I ended up looking up Fedora on the Internet, and the rest is history.

I think this is my first Linux install or maybe it was Fedora 13 on my computer at the office. Immediately file sharing became a breeze. Wasn't long until I decided not to have anything to do with windows so my second computer at home turned into an openSUSE KDE laptop.

And it was so awesome it wasn't real!

As it is expected I had issues from the get-go! The first was the drivers ( obviously ). On Fedora 14 the binary blob nvidia driver had to be compiled as a kernel module, fortunately there is good documentation about the procedure so I don't think it is a power user operation. The openSUSE version of the driver comes through the package manager and you are just required to add the repository for it which is easy peasy. I still can't use the camera on my laptop though. Now I have Linux Mint on the desktop and the Ubuntu LTS on the laptop so drivers are automagical. After the hardware issues were addressed there were the software issues. On windows I used Chrome as a browser, VLC as a video player and Skype so no changes there. I had no issues with switching from MS Office to openoffice, but I don't do a lot of document editing so... probably shouldn't comment. The most important issue to some people I know is the games, this is another area where I wouldn't have much issue since...

PlayStation Games
Some of my favorite games!

... I do my gaming on a console.These are some of my most favorite games.  If it is a big thing for you check out http://www.desura.com/ for native Linux titles, http://www.winehq.org/ for playing windows titles on Linux and http://www.dosbox.com/ for evergreen titles from the good old days. I play Savage2 whenever I get a chance and if you like WarCraft and team deathmatch drop everything and go to http://www.savage2.com , you are in for a treat! Some time before crossing over to Linux I started learning PHP. I used the http://www.apachefriends.org/ xampp thing and Dreamweaver on windows, now I use VirtualBox and gedit. For more info on how to do that I am working on a tutorial series covering the whole virtual server setup and everything ( some more of my work ) but it is only half way completed.

Besides web and PHP development I also like C++ ( I LOVE C++ IT IS THE BEST THING EVER ), gedit and g++ is a nice way of developing. If you like the IDE ( integrated development environment ) approach try http://eclipse.org/ and http://qt.nokia.com/, both are available for Windows and Linux and both are free ( Qt is more like free-ish ).

I can't find a good argument for not using Linux anymore. If you can, contact me and I would love to write about it specifically. Come on, cross over to the penguin side. I know you will like it!

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