27 April 2012

Mobile Blog Test

Ok, so here is an attempt to blog on the move! I don't know if kids these days will grant me the mobile claim since the post is written on a tablet device, and there is a big difference between tablets and smart phones. I'm using a 10 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab and trying to use the blogger android app. It works, but misses some features. The most important one is the spell checker, my spelling capacity is pathetic at the best of times, but typos are a concern for everybody when using on screen keyboards. I suppose that both are a matter of practice, and that with time as I write more posts mobilely both my spelling and touch typing skills will improve.

me blogging
Me Blogging in the bathroom!!!
How Mobile is that, lol!!!
A nice feature is the direct adding of pictures from the sd-card or the camera,  but you can't position them so I don't know where in the post they will end up. Alternatively you can mobile blog using the web browser. Now, on this device the web browser experience is clunky, the interface of the blogger blog compose page is not touch friendly. The images added in the app are just thrown after the text so there is definitely a need to use a browser to align them with the text for the paragraph to which they are relevant, but this is impossible with the touch interface since drag an drop really isn't as good in a touch device as people would think, but it's not that its clunky, it is clunky whit the mouse, the touch just doesn't work. Another problem is that if you switch between the app and the web methods it duplicates your pictures, and this just isn't good. I'm warning you, be very careful not to jobble(what? it's a word.) your nicely typed and composed blog posts by making the error of opening them in the app, there will be unforeseen consequences.

The mobile blogging experience with the blogger app is lacking, but easier to use than the blogger website in a touch controlled browser. You would expect that a java application would be easier to use than a javascript web applet. And it is easier to make it feature full, somehow blogger or google failed to care about that. If you want to mobile-blog use the blogger app, but go to a computer for the final edit. At this point of the blog I'm touch typing like a boss, using the onscreen keyboard like a PlayStation controller (and I am a master at that controller, it's like an art form for me), but this technology is more suited to 140 chars social post, not paragraphs of blog.

Now I am back at a computer! We rarely take the time to appreciate what is truly good technology, a nice comfortable qwert keyboard can always take the cake. Maybe it's just something that my generation likes and kids growing up and experiencing "new" technology will some day rant against the high productivity conventions of our time.

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