16 April 2012

OMG GUI Kerfuffle!

The work space.
I use Gnome, I like Gnome! But Gnome isn't what it was. At home I have two systems, both Gnome 2. One is Mint 11 and one is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS , and I use Mint 12 on my workstation at my job. The Mint 12 system is a mesh of Gnome 2 and Gnome 3, and it's awful. It's like the menu land of redundancy,  looks awful. You have the Gnome shell UI elements plus a Gnome 2 taskbar that doesn't belong, or if you prefer Gnome 2 the Shell doesn't belong. But I am happy because it helped me realize that given both options I use the Shell elements more. And now my two home systems are old, and it's time to re-install, I was considering the LMDE ( Linux Mint Debian Edition ) for the Mint 11 box because the screenshot on the Mint website is a classical Gnome 2 system, but when I tried it in a virtual machine it turned out it was so much rolling release distro that it had 1400 updates to install and after rebooting it went Gnome 3. So there is no going back anymore! But if I am going to use Gnome Shell I prefer it is in a green opensuse themed way. Post re-install there will be an opensuse system in my house no matter what, but opensuse KDE implementation is the most gorgeous looking thing ever. At his point I start thinking I need three computers on my desk. Or maybe I should go with something totally different. The idea is that the laptop stays Ubuntu and with the new LTS it is going to be current again, but I want to live in Arch for some time, but I need my systems to make my youtube videos. What if I go KDE... As for the box LMDE is a solution but then I have no opensuse install. And then I'm back at square one.

Linux runs 3 times on one PC!
Linux runs 3 times on one PC!
I use Gnome, I like Gnome! But I need to make the Gnome Shell transition. Unity is an option, Ubuntu is sort of an interest. Maybe I can go with the new Ubuntu at my job, but then we will have two Ubuntu systems running alongside. And I really liked the idea of having Gnome Shell and Unity on one desk at home in order to be able to compare them, and I don't want to re-install over and over again just to make a review of the new Unity ( it's not new ). Plus LMDE seems more and more like a nice Gnome Shell based thing. While wondering I went to the opensuse website and started looking around. Have you ever heard of Petite Linux. It is a nice experiment using the Enlightenment Desktop based on opensuse 11.4, it is nice. Some people might think it's not usable but, it's not entirely not usable. My problem with it isn't that I don't like it, I just don't have the patients to experiment and if I did I want to play around with Arch. If I go KDE I want to see the Fedora implementation, I need another computer, but I can't work on three computers at the same time just to scratch an itch. And I have been distro hopping ( fedora, debian, mint, pinguyos, ubuntu, opensuse, mint again ), it's time to settle down. Maybe I should make my own using the Linux From Scratch Books or the easy way through Suse Studio and the openSUSE Build Service.

It actually doesn't matter what I use since they are all nice and the all work. If you choose to use Linux than you probably like to have 'choice', but for a geek Linux is what a chocolate factory is to a fat kid. Too much versions with too much options. I spend about an hour a day wondering what to use, what to install, what to test and what to promote. And after that one hour I'm somewhere between nauseated and suicidal! But then I think about the Windows and Apple users, they have no choice.

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