30 April 2012


TV IS DEAD, MUAHHAHAAH! But seriously, it is! TV is as dead as it can be, nothing is as dead as TV. I was watching HBO yesterday and realized that I am wasting my life looking at this idiot box. Conventional TV is a one way communication system, and although there are phones and tweets and websites that can augment the experience by reflecting feedback, feedback doesn't fit with the inner workings of a TV channel. Sending feedback to CNN is like prayer(a.k.a. GOD feedback), my "NEWS FAIL LOL" comment somehow doesn't translate into affecting broadcast scheduling (CNN has a plan(CNN has an agenda))! But since the Internet is king media, TV broadcasting tries to suck up to it and that is why channels now have crowd sourced news commentary programs. Like Aljazeera's "the stream" , where bloggers and vloggers battle to the death to win incredible prizes.

TV is old media, youtube is new media! The user generated content can surpass dogmatic broadcasting with no effort, simply by volume, our network is flooded with easily accessible content that is more relevant to our interests, by idiots for idiots! We have on demand free infotainment that can be consumed every which way but loose. And TV is following along, I have apps on my tablet that allow me to watch CNN, Aljazeera and RT while at job, school, toilet, subway or park! Yet I rarely do, what I watch is youtube videos, granted that both Aljazeera and RT have youtube channels (I am subscribed to both). But I don't want news on youtube, I want crowd commentary, way over the top misguided uninformed personal subjective biased opinion, but if I want useless noise why not watch FOX-NEWS? Because fox-news doesn't cover the topics I care about, they don't have the type of shows I like, and nobody does. Some times the Discovery Science channel shows something interesting, but it is rare that they show something I like plus even the things I like don't always fit in my schedule. Everything needs to be "on demand", and it is more and more as we breach the gap between TV and internet. TV is expensive, internet is cheap. I have a youtube channel, this blog and I'm making a Sites Google site website (which is awful), all free, plus I earn revenue from it(I don't actually, but you could). Granted that you will need to invest money if you want to have a more professional feel. But a low entry cost into content creation and distribution makes it possible for experiments filling a niche where I'm at. Big networks don't go for a specific viewer, they are trying to hit a mythological personality stereotype that fits with all of humanity, that neither nature nor THE GODS would have exist.

There are two shows I want to plug, the first one is an interest of mine since I'm a big Linux Fan Boy! It is Jupiter Broadcasting 's Linux Action Show , this is a weekly live show accessible on demand. This is a show tailor made for ME! The second one is also a weekly and live and on demand, The Atheist Experience TV Show!

So OK, we have two examples of net-shows working models. So now the big companies want to invent the Internet TV, a hardware contraption that makes the TV and the PC into one. Of course we are talking about the Apple and the Google TV. But I have had an Internet enabled TV for as long as I have had a computer, I remember using an S-Video cable to connect my 21 inch retro pipe sarcophagus style TV to the TV-out port on my GeForceFX graphics card, I have had youtube and video on demand on my TV since the day youtube was created. So yeah, they are really innovating (BS)! Two things you should remember when the big companies say they invented the Internet enabled TV, http://www.mythtv.org/ and http://xbmc.org/ ! So yeah, I'm returning the decoders to the cable company and getting my content over the web! And yes, Netflix and Hulu aren't available where I live.

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