25 May 2012

Buying a new laptop!

Till now I had two PCs on my desk, one desktop and one laptop. The laptop died, so now I need a new one. I hate buying anything, but let me give you my buying logic. In general laptops are more expensive less useful devices with harder and more expensive maintenance and in many cases have impossible to find spare parts and shorter lifespan than their desktop counterparts. The only reason to buy one is the potential of taking it with you when you go somewhere, but you rarely do because they aren't mobile. You can buy a netbook, but they are completely useless. There is a hard stop to laptop size dictated by the keyboard, the number field is important to me and the smallest size laptop on the market with that type of keyboard is 15.6 inch. This narrows down our selection to only that type of laptop. My computer support/repair service background has left me with some preconceptions about the brands.

Fujitsu Siemens have never wowed me with great build quality, plus the spare parts cost an arm and a leg in Bulgaria and it is always a month of waiting till you get the part.

Toshiba are constantly plagued by hard drive problems, and it isn't just Toshiba HDD but any brand of HDD in a Toshiba laptop. I must clarify that this is a personal observation from my practise and not some sort of objective statistical and/or tested and proven claim.

Acer I just hate, I don't know why!

HP in my experience have the tendency for the chipset to detach from the PCB, event if they have some of the cheapest models on the market I still wish to use my new laptop for at least two years and that type of malfunction is hard to fix so most people opt for a new one as probably would I.

DELL, nothing bad to say about DELL!

IBM! I have cases of people using IBM laptops for 5-7 years. Unfortunately I have a bit of confusion about the whole Lenovo thing, Lenovo laptops aren't as popular as some of the other brands so I have no observation about them, maybe they inherited the quality of IBM or maybe they didn't since they opted to make cheap laptops.

Cheap this and cheap that, but I do want a cheap one so...

I am pretty sure I will go for Lenovo or DELL! The laptop I just burned was an old MSI gaming type that served me well for several years, but it was a top of the line model when I bought it, this time we are going for the cheapest we can get!


  1. The fact that you have knowledge, research and statistics on each of the different brands, it will be a lot easier for you now to choose a new laptop. Having a budget or price range in mind should also make things quicker when you start canvassing. Have you bought a new laptop yet? And if you have, what brand of laptop did you eventually go with?

  2. I picked the laptop I want but I didn't buy It! And now I don't remember what it was. I think it was a Lenovo 15.6 with the full KBD with a numpad and an AMD/ATI cpu/chipset/vga, as in the cheapest Lenovo with these characteristics.


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