22 May 2012

Crazy Day!

OK. So yesterday evening I was finishing the six Windows XP systems, I had two to go. And the last two turned out to be defective, cheap piece of China made PSU ( Power Supply Unit )! So I repackaged them to be brought back to the re-seller in the morning. Good news, I get to go to bed at 00:30! But I couldn't fall asleep until 01:30 because I watched some nondescript thing on TV. At 03:00 in the night my Predator Dream (nightmare) was abruptly cut short by an earthquake, and there were aftershocks till 05:00! So I got a hour and a half of sleep last night! I took the systems and me and my mom got in the car to go to job, as she was getting out of the car the passenger door slumped down. FFS, so I lifted it up and managed to close it and slowly drove to the mechanic. After the car door was fixed I went to my business partner's job to take the warranty papers for the two defective systems. Then on to the store, left the systems there and went to job myself at 10:00, one hour late! Everything was uneventful until lunch when the good people at the fast food place messed up my order. So I had to go back to the restaurant and be mean to a very cute girl that works there, but it is a matter of principle! And then a hail storm hit, and a ton of rain. And the office got flooded, so we started to mop up and dry and plug holes and make nice. The entire job day was a nightmare, my feet were wet the whole time, I thought I was going to get trench foot. On the way home I picked up the defects from the store and Ghost 4 Linux is currently restoring the second one, I just hope it finishes before I fall in a coma from sleep deprivation. And while waiting I caught a news report of crows attacking people in the center of Sofia. What the hell is wrong with today? I feel like it's all a bad dream. I'm going to bed before I fall asleep with my nose on the enter key.

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