01 May 2012

Game Development Project Konflikt p1

So I have been doing everything I can to be all over the Internet, trying to be interesting and talking about all sorts of things. I have a google-plus and facebook and a twitter and of course this blog, I'm leaving the YouTube channel out of this since it is part of a totally separate thing. If you are sane you would ask "Why would you want to be on the Internet, it's stupid?". Several obvious answers:
-it's not stupid
-everybody is on the Internet
-it's google

The first two are self explanatory, the third is sort of hard to explain. A group of artists wanted to make a manga comic, during the process of making it they posted parts of the artwork on the deviantART website, among other web venues, the idea is to spread the word about their project. I am doing the same thing, trying to spread the word about the game I'm developing, it's marketing hence google. So a question you may or may not have at this point is "Why the non game posts?" , the answer is as simple as it is concerning. Exposure, a single theme on the blog would narrow down the audience, thus making it inefficient to the purpose it was created for. Am I dishonestly trying to promote my game project? No. The blog is awesome and I'm very happy whit what it is, it will be forked into several blogs to separate the types of content I create (personal, technology, corporate), but there is no point at this point. So this is my personal blog, personal thoughts and stuff.

About the game. This isn't my first game, but it will be the first to be released to the public. "Konflikt" is just a working tittle. The game will be an HTML(I'm not kidding) browser game, I say HTML because it will require only html. This is a hard goal to accomplish since there are limitations to that type of technology, the decision to develop the game this way is to be nondiscriminatory against technology, this way the game will be playable in browsers like Links or the browser of the first PSP. Once this goal is complete I will build upon it to make a version that has images, then a JavaScript AJAX version and then an HTML5 Canvas version. The canvas version can then be wrapped in web-kit and be released as a native client for various platforms. The core of the game will be either PHP or python (it will be PHP(probably)). As far as development goes, we are still working on the write up of all the features and concepts and we don't have a graphics designer yet. The game will have a tutorial campaign, several singleplayer campaigns and the main selling point will be multiplayer.

Funding is non existent at this point, we may try some sort of crowd funding but we need a public alpha version before we can ask people to pay for anything. I will be posting some more information when we finish with the initial write up.

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