24 May 2012

Game Development Funding!

We are moving full steam ahead towards the completion of "Project Konflikt"(we still don't have a title)! So I looked around for possible funding options.

Sales Revenue.
Free stuff is more popular in general.

AD Revenue.
Nobody in his right mind would click on an ad while playing a game! I have no idea what type of a game developer (generally smart person) would consider this option. I have been trying to raise revenue with ads on different types of content and it just doesn't work. As it has been said, the content you are creating needs to be in sync with the viewer and the ads in order to have your thing serve as a stepping stone in the market chain. Otherwise the interest in your content doesn't translate into sales for the person advertising! If you write about computers you should have computer ads, if you have a game about plumbing and you have plumbing ads the kid that clicks on the pipes wouldn't be interested in buying anything. Consider BATTLEFIELD 3, what can they sell P90 "Pause this ONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAME to purchase your personal defense weapon now. Click Here (I'm pretty sure this link violates google's code of conduct)!", BS! ADS in games can't work!

Donations Revenue.
The tip jar mentality, you can't live on that. Donations work only for very awesome stuff and only after nagging people to GIVE MONEY! The term e-begging I personally find repulsive, but I would implement it only if people demand the option, and you need something really awesome for that to happen!

Crowd Funding.
Kickstarter can go to hell, the project guidelines are needlessly restrictive and only US residents can participate. The alternative indiegogo looks much better, but it seems to be less popular. How did kickstarter become popular, they are openly assholes.

So the project conflict funding scheme will be all of the above. The game will be a web based spaceship battle card game that may or may not have ads and a donation section, we will sell special in game stuff. There are also going to be a space battle paraphernalia store and I am thinking about a native android client in two versions, one free and one donate version.

We found a graphics artist and we should have some visuals soon-ish! So yeah, I'm not sitting on my hands. My laptop died yesterday, so now I need to finish the game and make profit for a new one. Project Konflikt will be coming just as soon by any other name.

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