10 May 2012

Great Free Game Available on everything!

I have had some "awesome deprivation" last week, but this week! The great god Cthulhu has blessed Linux with a big bucket'o awesome. It's UFO: Alien Invasion by the people at the UFO: Alien Invasion Team! You can download the game and the source code from the official website, it is also on Desura so don't waste time reading, go play.

Still here? OK. So the game is 3 parts "defend earth from aliens tycoon" and 2 parts "turn based tactical strategy"! The tycoon part presents you with the planet earth, where you can build bases, ufo  scrap yards, radars, defense turrets. The goal is to defend all the nations from the threat of aliens. The bases you build need to have command centers and alien containment places and living quarters and power generators. Once you have the separate buildings you need employees to do research and to produce weapons and aircrafts. 

Of course you need soldiers to defend the base from alien attacks against you. Your main task is to respond to ufo incidents by dispatching drop ships with soldiers. For your soldiers to be efficient you need to equip them with the gear needed to face the alien threat. So you capture alien technology, research it in the lab, and then produce new weapons in the workshop. Whenever you face your enemy you can either resolve it automatically, or personally lead the troops. This brings you to a turn based tactical battle where you give orders to your team in turn based combat, if you have done your homework prior to the engagement you will have the weapons and equipment needed to win.

You can also build interceptors to attempt to shoot down alien craft before they land, but I haven't managed to consistently do that so good luck. 

There are some bugs in the game, but it is stable-ish! Give it a try, it is worth it.

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