06 May 2012

OMG! Nothing to write about!

BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: Don't waste your time reading this, it just isn't going to be any good! Go out, play around in the sun, enjoy life!

I have been researching some security stuff for work! I have had one hard day at job. So blog about that, why not!

First, nothing to write. Too tired to read, so just sleeping in front of the TV watching the end of civilization. The Investigation Discovery channel is showing all sorts of stupid ghost shows, if you believe in ghosts don't read my blog and go away. I even twitted to them to call them retarded. Discovery science has also brought the level down a lot, it used to be about physics and space and stuff, now they give prizes. I haven't seen a movie in years so I tried HBO, HBO is HBSO (you figure it out)!

Second, security research. "Penetration Testing", they call it. And I'm not talking about the good 80's German movies where everybody has mustaches, and I'm not talking about the face and/or the men. When you have a new company you can't turn down work so whatever comes you just do, and it is fun but I am so new to it that it comes as a task (hard work). I would love to write more about that but Google says that hacking tutorials are "a big no no", so yeah! Thanks Google, for making the Internet dull. I will just say that Backtrack-Linux is awesome and it makes hacking "child's play"!

What is it, third? Does it matter (no)? So we had cables to install for a security surveillance system @job, through underground pipes. But there was no room in the pipes so, Thursday was the least fun day in existence!

So yeah, this post explains what I mean when I say that this is my personal blog! Plus it may actually help you realize that not only your life is a sad meaningless existence, your welcome!

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