20 May 2012

Slow down!

Honestly, I have no indication of people following the blog regularly. The youtube channel hasn't gained any relevant amount of subscriptions, and the sites google google site website analytics show no views. And I'm on the balcony at home doing nothing about it (writing this blog but otherwise nothing)! But look at how nice the weather is...  What can be done? More fresh relevant content. But to have relevant content you need to track news letters and project blogs, you need to download and install new things to play around with. And I have some serious time constraints (boohoo). So what have I been doing? Job is currently focusing on a wireless network in a small village close to Sofia, it is based on Ubiquiti's NanoStation Access Points. The devices are already positioned and my task is to prep it for deployment. We have a small Intel Atom based Linux CentOS Router to do the heavy lifting, and it is awesome. The backbone connection to the village is also a wireless link, so the Router needs to be there to filter unwanted packets. I have a local security task but it's a small task. Work is harder this Sunday, 6 computers to setup Windows on. Fortunately they are identical so no issues with throwing an image around. What else. Working on "Project Konflikt", coding every evening. I should probably ask for community support for the artwork, if somebody wants to make a pretty space ship and see it in the game contact me. So this is what I wanted to write today to have it on the record that the blog and the youtube channel and the website are not dead and I haven't lost interest, I'm just slowing them down to free up some time for other stuff.

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