30 August 2012

Linux Powered Atheism???

DISCLAIMER: Just some babble!

I was foolish enough to post a post in the Atheist group on facebook that wasn't related to Atheism. I't was a link to something about my indiegogo campaign. So people in the group pointed out that spamming the group with irrelevant stuff isn't right, and they were right. For that I offer my sincerest apologies. Unfortunately I deleted the post without copying the comments. One thing I remember that was written was the question of how does Linux relate to Atheism? It doesn't. Even if both Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds are atheists, their vision for technology couldn't have been relevant in their decision to identify as such. My usage of Linux is also not in any way related to my atheism. I didn't believe when I was using windows and I would still use Linux even if both Linux Torvalds and Richard Stallman were deeply religious. Why am I using Linux and why am I an atheist? People live their lives in the frames of their convictions, and the only conviction I would wish to hold would be to reason. As much as I would like to draw the line between atheism and linux through my own reasoning, I would place myself in the position of adding unnecessary baggage to the simple rejection of religious claims. I could draw the line between my socialism and linux, but that still would require an unwarranted stretch that neither socialism nor linux can bear. And how about socialism and atheism, should I connect them?

My atheism has no connection to my political or technological views. If we start placing implications on top of atheism we would be committing the same fallacy we see from apologists when they draw the line between atheism and communism or nationalism. Although they seem to draw the line not by having atheism explicitly apparent, but implied through godlessness. If it was demonstrated that the totalitarian genocidal regimes are exclusively atheist, I would still be one and identify publicly as one. Atheism starts at the claim there is a god, and ends at my rejection of that claim. My anti-theism on the other hand goes much further than that. To say that atheism was the cause of something would mean to give it properties it couldn't have. My atheism is the product of my Mother, she read to me Greek and Egyptian myths and legends. Another thing I remember from my childhood is a big encyclopedia that had a ton of stuff on space, planets and dinosaurs. At the same time there were some christian cartoons on TV, and if a child can recognize discrepancies between reality and the claims of religion, then religion has no case to present.

My Linux use on the other hand is very well documented on my blog and everywhere else I have written anything on the internet. But I will make the claim that if there is a line to be drawn between my atheism and reasoning and then to my choice of operating system then there is a line connecting the two. Albeit making a detour through my reasoning faculties. My anti-theism is connected to my anti-totalitarianism and anti-oppression and this connects to my linux use. Even if we were permitted to make such connections we still would have to concede that the motivation behind a given position is what connects it to another. So what one property of me would be relevant to both positions. A trait that would be sought after in any circumstance.

I am an anti-theist because I don't like the idea that some person could claim that he has dominion over me, given to him by a higher being that has not been demonstrated to me. I use Linux because I don't like the idea that some person could claim that he has dominion over me, given to him by a licensing agreement. Linux and Atheism meet each-other in freethinking freethinker geeks that believe in freedom. Atheism inspired Linux powered freedom 2.0!

25 August 2012

Samsung VS Apple

Samsung ordered to pay Apple $1bn - Americas - Al Jazeera English
You see a headline like this in the news and realize that apple isn't actually competitive because of the quality of their products or the innovation in their technology. Even if Android came to the scene later than iOS you shouldn't forget that Symbian was there first. So where is Nokia in this pissing contest? Nowhere, they aligned themselves with Microsoft which is more or less irrelevant in this market. Apple is the company that should be applauded for reinventing the wheel, iWheel or the discovery of iFire. Apple can take an old idea and refurbish it, and then make a marketing campaign to sell it. And they are largely successful because of their army of fan boys who flood the web by regurgitating the sales pitches from the commercials, in their so called technology blogs and websites. Popular electronics, useless BS. I have yet to see a real technology expert or die hard geek really make a case for iOS. MacOS is different, UNIX is always good! So what is Apple's policy, make generic products and when somebody comes with a better take on what you tried to accomplish, sue the hell out of them. So no more. If you are a real geek you are unimpressed by Apple. If you are just a consumer, save yourself the headache and stay away from iOS. And let them sue, let them sue their asses of while fading into obscurity.
On the other hand, yeah. Who would have thought that Apple would win the jury in the US. Welcome to planet retard. The judge thought that a metal frame and icons are highly technical terms, that shows how competent she is to lead a trial like that. And of-course the reporter's remarks at the end of the segment show exactly how much he understood what has just happened. You would expect the Wired to give some real info on the subject matter but there isn't "The jury found that Samsung infringed upon Apple patents having to do with physical design and user interfaces, often willfully, and that several of the South Korean company’s products diluted Apple’s trade dress, especially as it related to various iPhone models."! So yes, everybody that has ever made a smart phone is infringing on apple patents, and the next step is for Apple to sue Sony since the Walkman infringes on iPod patents. Innovation by illiterate jury. I can only say, DIE PATENT OFFICE DIE!

23 August 2012

Remake BLHT

Hello, my name is Mario Kukucov.
In a few words, Linux made computers exciting for me all over again. Part of the reason to switch to Linux are my interests in the field of web development, most websites are hosted on Linux based servers and a good web developer needs to be comfortable with configuring and administering such a server. Which is where BLHT comes in.
BLHT stands for "Big Long Hard Tutorial"!
As you can see, it is somewhat ready, 12 videos 1 hour and 44 minutes but not yet complete. Unfortunately it is already outdated, and the quality is nothing to write home about. So I want to do it all over again. Unfortunately my laptop died on me. And my main computer is far too old to do the whole work on his own. Plus I can't afford myself to miss going to my day job and do it all over again. Now we expect to have a new version of openSUSE in September and one of my hopes is that this type of videos would promote my favorite Linux distro. So I am itching to stay awake till 3AM waiting for the video to render and upload.

So what do I need?
In principle I'm determined to do this funded or not. Depending on the amount of funds gathered I may buy a camera to record my face while I'm explaining concepts that don't require anything on the screen. I would like to buy two computer systems. One to do the work on, one to record on. I would like to buy something like a hauppauge Colossus model 1414  for the video recording and a RODE PODCASTER for the audio. I am not sure what software I will need but unless there is a real show stopper on Linux I will do everything with FOSS. Last but not least is time, the equipment could probably be bought with 3000 gold dragons, but I need to free up some time off from work and that means not paying my bills, every 35$ give me a day off work. Without adequate equipment I managed a 10 min tutorial every free day. WIth the equipment I want to buy I think I could manage 30 minutes of video for every 8 hrs of work. Surely more once I streamline the whole process.

Who should be interested in this?
Me, I can’t argue for reasons for you to fund my project. For me it would be the funding that keeps on funding. Once I have everything in place I can complete the BLHT and start the next project. My work as a consultant in the field of IT has left me feeling like an educator, and if permitted I would dedicate my career to teaching and explaining everything from Linux to android development and from Python to CSS3.

If you can spare 2$ or more and you would like to see a completely free (free for others not for you if you have donated) series of lessons about linux and web servers, give it here. If you don’t have 2$ but you like the idea, and would entrust me the responsibility to carry it out in a way you would like it to be, just spread the word.

Feel free to look through the videos I have made and give me some feedback. All constructive criticism will be taken into consideration if I manage to make the series all over again.

22 August 2012

Moar Scam Over Skype

I can't claim that this is a real scam. No person or corporate entity can be show to be engaged in fraudulent conduct based on this chat session. Due to the nature of the comunication I cannot claim that the person is who he says he is or that his affiliation to the financial institution in question is what he claims it is.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
[7:02:14 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: Dr.John Mensah
Director: Treasury and Exchange Unit
Foreign Remittance Department
Ministry of Finance

Dear Friend ,
First, I must solicit your confidence in this letter. I am Dr John Mensah, the director of treasury and bill exchange at the foreign remittance department in the ministry of Mines and power where I work. Myself and three other colleagues in this department are currently in need of a foreign partner who will present a designated safe foreign account where we can transfer into the sum of ($7,700.000.00). This fund accrued legitimately to us as commission from foreign contracts, through our private connections. The fund is presently waiting to be remitted by the UBA bank to any foreign bank account presented by us for this remittance.
I have been delegated as a matter of trust by my colleague, to look for a honest foreign partner in whose account we will transfer the sum of $7,700,000.00 us dollars for mutual benefit and further investment projects in your country. On smooth conclusion of this transaction, you will be entitled to your own share of the total sum as gratification. We have agreed that 30 % of this money will be for you as our foreign partner, in respect to the provision of a foreign bank account for the transfer, 5% will be set aside for expenses incurred during the transfer process and 65% would be for me and my colleague.
And other necessary information will be sent to you as soon as possible you get back to me.
Here is my information below:

Thank You.
Yours faithfully,
Dr. John Mensah.
[7:04:21 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: You don't say!
[7:05:01 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: yes
[7:05:34 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: I need a reliable honest and trust worthy person to entrust this business with i was simply inspired and motivated to pick your contact I know you are capable to champion in business of such magnitude without any problem.
[7:06:12 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: really? OK
[7:06:23 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: What do you need me to do?
[7:09:38 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: can you come i will take you to the bank for you to  see every thing your self, also do paper work your self
[7:10:47 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: Unfortunately I am in Sofia Bulgaria.
[7:13:39 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: i need your full information

(1) Full Name
(2) Phone and Fax
(3) House Address
(4) Marital status
(5) country of Origin
(6) Passport No
[7:16:48 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: are you there
[7:17:05 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: I'm not comfortable with disclosing so much personal information over skype. Is there another method of communicating by which I could send you the relevant data. Mail or DHL?
[7:20:25 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: here is my email id: dr.john_mensah@ymail.com
[7:22:11 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: Give me a real address and I will send you the data through a courier service.
[7:24:15 PM EEST] Dr.John Mensah: send it via email
[7:25:27 PM EEST] Mario Kukucov: The internet isn't secure. If you don't give me an address the deal is off.

Scam over skype

Here we go again!

19 August 2012

A month of writing Project Konflikt

After a month of writing 'Project Konflikt' is nearing a playable alpha. So lets reflect on the work that has been done. A disclaimer first, a month is more like  a week of writing because of job and other stuff. Another disclaimer, 'Project Konflikt' is a working title.

So what is 'Project Konflict'? It is a turn based card game inspired by Magic: The Gathering. The idea came more from METAL GEAR ACID 2 and me, but my two co-producers have big collections of Magic card decks and you can't say card in their presence without hearing about the former! As it is the format is a duel between two people, and the goal is to destroy the main ship of your opponent. A ship as in a space ship. When you go to the game website you are going to be able to register or play as a guest. If you play as a guest you get a basic deck and access to the common lobby where you can challenge registered players or other guests. If you register you get an account and an initial deck. Registered players win experience and some type of currency for every game they play, more if you win less if you lose. As you get experience you level up, leveling gives you access to a higher class lobby and unlocks better cards in the store. The decks in the game are build around the main ship, it has it's own hit points and specs but more importantly it has a number of cards you can take in the field with that ship. The ships also define the positions on the field by their port and bay properties. The ports are used for one type of cards and the bays for another. Ports are used for shields radars and turrets, bays are the space in front of the ship on which you can play interceptor or bomber cards. On the bays is another twist we are proud of, the bay cards are composite cards. Composite or stack cards are squadrons of whatever you want. The idea is that cards can be attacked directly, and a bomber is defenseless against interceptors, so to get the bomber to the enemy ship you need to stack him with interceptors who can defend him. These are the basic concepts.

As far as the code is concerned I am going at it alone, and I am trying to make sure that the game can be played on any browser anywhere and make sure that the server can be connected to android or iOS native clients. Unfortunately this is hard if you have only 4 or 5 hours a week. I am going to make an http://www.indiegogo.com/ project probably sometime next month and if I get some sort of funding this will become a full time occupation for me.

Something unfortunate that people should know is that we still don't have a graphical designer and/or artist. In the field that I job in there are a lot of people who would be adequate for this but none of them are close to the project so they wouldn't work for free, so I guess this issue would be resolved if there was funding. On the other hand one of the co-producers is now going in the field of graphics so by the time the code is ready we may have a person prepared to do the work.

If interested in the project feel free to contact me, I am all over the Internet.