19 August 2012

A month of writing Project Konflikt

After a month of writing 'Project Konflikt' is nearing a playable alpha. So lets reflect on the work that has been done. A disclaimer first, a month is more like  a week of writing because of job and other stuff. Another disclaimer, 'Project Konflikt' is a working title.

So what is 'Project Konflict'? It is a turn based card game inspired by Magic: The Gathering. The idea came more from METAL GEAR ACID 2 and me, but my two co-producers have big collections of Magic card decks and you can't say card in their presence without hearing about the former! As it is the format is a duel between two people, and the goal is to destroy the main ship of your opponent. A ship as in a space ship. When you go to the game website you are going to be able to register or play as a guest. If you play as a guest you get a basic deck and access to the common lobby where you can challenge registered players or other guests. If you register you get an account and an initial deck. Registered players win experience and some type of currency for every game they play, more if you win less if you lose. As you get experience you level up, leveling gives you access to a higher class lobby and unlocks better cards in the store. The decks in the game are build around the main ship, it has it's own hit points and specs but more importantly it has a number of cards you can take in the field with that ship. The ships also define the positions on the field by their port and bay properties. The ports are used for one type of cards and the bays for another. Ports are used for shields radars and turrets, bays are the space in front of the ship on which you can play interceptor or bomber cards. On the bays is another twist we are proud of, the bay cards are composite cards. Composite or stack cards are squadrons of whatever you want. The idea is that cards can be attacked directly, and a bomber is defenseless against interceptors, so to get the bomber to the enemy ship you need to stack him with interceptors who can defend him. These are the basic concepts.

As far as the code is concerned I am going at it alone, and I am trying to make sure that the game can be played on any browser anywhere and make sure that the server can be connected to android or iOS native clients. Unfortunately this is hard if you have only 4 or 5 hours a week. I am going to make an http://www.indiegogo.com/ project probably sometime next month and if I get some sort of funding this will become a full time occupation for me.

Something unfortunate that people should know is that we still don't have a graphical designer and/or artist. In the field that I job in there are a lot of people who would be adequate for this but none of them are close to the project so they wouldn't work for free, so I guess this issue would be resolved if there was funding. On the other hand one of the co-producers is now going in the field of graphics so by the time the code is ready we may have a person prepared to do the work.

If interested in the project feel free to contact me, I am all over the Internet.

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