23 August 2012

Remake BLHT

Hello, my name is Mario Kukucov.
In a few words, Linux made computers exciting for me all over again. Part of the reason to switch to Linux are my interests in the field of web development, most websites are hosted on Linux based servers and a good web developer needs to be comfortable with configuring and administering such a server. Which is where BLHT comes in.
BLHT stands for "Big Long Hard Tutorial"!
As you can see, it is somewhat ready, 12 videos 1 hour and 44 minutes but not yet complete. Unfortunately it is already outdated, and the quality is nothing to write home about. So I want to do it all over again. Unfortunately my laptop died on me. And my main computer is far too old to do the whole work on his own. Plus I can't afford myself to miss going to my day job and do it all over again. Now we expect to have a new version of openSUSE in September and one of my hopes is that this type of videos would promote my favorite Linux distro. So I am itching to stay awake till 3AM waiting for the video to render and upload.

So what do I need?
In principle I'm determined to do this funded or not. Depending on the amount of funds gathered I may buy a camera to record my face while I'm explaining concepts that don't require anything on the screen. I would like to buy two computer systems. One to do the work on, one to record on. I would like to buy something like a hauppauge Colossus model 1414  for the video recording and a RODE PODCASTER for the audio. I am not sure what software I will need but unless there is a real show stopper on Linux I will do everything with FOSS. Last but not least is time, the equipment could probably be bought with 3000 gold dragons, but I need to free up some time off from work and that means not paying my bills, every 35$ give me a day off work. Without adequate equipment I managed a 10 min tutorial every free day. WIth the equipment I want to buy I think I could manage 30 minutes of video for every 8 hrs of work. Surely more once I streamline the whole process.

Who should be interested in this?
Me, I can’t argue for reasons for you to fund my project. For me it would be the funding that keeps on funding. Once I have everything in place I can complete the BLHT and start the next project. My work as a consultant in the field of IT has left me feeling like an educator, and if permitted I would dedicate my career to teaching and explaining everything from Linux to android development and from Python to CSS3.

If you can spare 2$ or more and you would like to see a completely free (free for others not for you if you have donated) series of lessons about linux and web servers, give it here. If you don’t have 2$ but you like the idea, and would entrust me the responsibility to carry it out in a way you would like it to be, just spread the word.

Feel free to look through the videos I have made and give me some feedback. All constructive criticism will be taken into consideration if I manage to make the series all over again.

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