30 August 2012

Linux Powered Atheism???

DISCLAIMER: Just some babble!

I was foolish enough to post a post in the Atheist group on facebook that wasn't related to Atheism. I't was a link to something about my indiegogo campaign. So people in the group pointed out that spamming the group with irrelevant stuff isn't right, and they were right. For that I offer my sincerest apologies. Unfortunately I deleted the post without copying the comments. One thing I remember that was written was the question of how does Linux relate to Atheism? It doesn't. Even if both Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds are atheists, their vision for technology couldn't have been relevant in their decision to identify as such. My usage of Linux is also not in any way related to my atheism. I didn't believe when I was using windows and I would still use Linux even if both Linux Torvalds and Richard Stallman were deeply religious. Why am I using Linux and why am I an atheist? People live their lives in the frames of their convictions, and the only conviction I would wish to hold would be to reason. As much as I would like to draw the line between atheism and linux through my own reasoning, I would place myself in the position of adding unnecessary baggage to the simple rejection of religious claims. I could draw the line between my socialism and linux, but that still would require an unwarranted stretch that neither socialism nor linux can bear. And how about socialism and atheism, should I connect them?

My atheism has no connection to my political or technological views. If we start placing implications on top of atheism we would be committing the same fallacy we see from apologists when they draw the line between atheism and communism or nationalism. Although they seem to draw the line not by having atheism explicitly apparent, but implied through godlessness. If it was demonstrated that the totalitarian genocidal regimes are exclusively atheist, I would still be one and identify publicly as one. Atheism starts at the claim there is a god, and ends at my rejection of that claim. My anti-theism on the other hand goes much further than that. To say that atheism was the cause of something would mean to give it properties it couldn't have. My atheism is the product of my Mother, she read to me Greek and Egyptian myths and legends. Another thing I remember from my childhood is a big encyclopedia that had a ton of stuff on space, planets and dinosaurs. At the same time there were some christian cartoons on TV, and if a child can recognize discrepancies between reality and the claims of religion, then religion has no case to present.

My Linux use on the other hand is very well documented on my blog and everywhere else I have written anything on the internet. But I will make the claim that if there is a line to be drawn between my atheism and reasoning and then to my choice of operating system then there is a line connecting the two. Albeit making a detour through my reasoning faculties. My anti-theism is connected to my anti-totalitarianism and anti-oppression and this connects to my linux use. Even if we were permitted to make such connections we still would have to concede that the motivation behind a given position is what connects it to another. So what one property of me would be relevant to both positions. A trait that would be sought after in any circumstance.

I am an anti-theist because I don't like the idea that some person could claim that he has dominion over me, given to him by a higher being that has not been demonstrated to me. I use Linux because I don't like the idea that some person could claim that he has dominion over me, given to him by a licensing agreement. Linux and Atheism meet each-other in freethinking freethinker geeks that believe in freedom. Atheism inspired Linux powered freedom 2.0!

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