25 August 2012

Samsung VS Apple

Samsung ordered to pay Apple $1bn - Americas - Al Jazeera English
You see a headline like this in the news and realize that apple isn't actually competitive because of the quality of their products or the innovation in their technology. Even if Android came to the scene later than iOS you shouldn't forget that Symbian was there first. So where is Nokia in this pissing contest? Nowhere, they aligned themselves with Microsoft which is more or less irrelevant in this market. Apple is the company that should be applauded for reinventing the wheel, iWheel or the discovery of iFire. Apple can take an old idea and refurbish it, and then make a marketing campaign to sell it. And they are largely successful because of their army of fan boys who flood the web by regurgitating the sales pitches from the commercials, in their so called technology blogs and websites. Popular electronics, useless BS. I have yet to see a real technology expert or die hard geek really make a case for iOS. MacOS is different, UNIX is always good! So what is Apple's policy, make generic products and when somebody comes with a better take on what you tried to accomplish, sue the hell out of them. So no more. If you are a real geek you are unimpressed by Apple. If you are just a consumer, save yourself the headache and stay away from iOS. And let them sue, let them sue their asses of while fading into obscurity.
On the other hand, yeah. Who would have thought that Apple would win the jury in the US. Welcome to planet retard. The judge thought that a metal frame and icons are highly technical terms, that shows how competent she is to lead a trial like that. And of-course the reporter's remarks at the end of the segment show exactly how much he understood what has just happened. You would expect the Wired to give some real info on the subject matter but there isn't "The jury found that Samsung infringed upon Apple patents having to do with physical design and user interfaces, often willfully, and that several of the South Korean company’s products diluted Apple’s trade dress, especially as it related to various iPhone models."! So yes, everybody that has ever made a smart phone is infringing on apple patents, and the next step is for Apple to sue Sony since the Walkman infringes on iPod patents. Innovation by illiterate jury. I can only say, DIE PATENT OFFICE DIE!

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