12 September 2012

Blogging guide to financial success! LOL!

At this point it should be obvious to people of average intelligence that no, this is neither a guide nor does it have anything to do with finance. If you think you are of average intelligence and you didn't realize that this isn't what it says in the title it is, contact me I have a great bridge I want to sell. I'm writing this to complain about 'nice guys finish last'! Thus the misleading title that is obviously engineered to generate traffic. This blog post is here thanks to openSUSE and/or the INTERNET and/or Google.

I have been playing a lot of StarCraft: Brood War recently, and between it and job I haven't had much time to work on other stuff. So my plan to write a review of openSUSE a week after the release has gone to hell. I'm switching from Linux Mint 11 Katya (it is old), to openSUSE 12.2. The reason to switch is that I really like openSUSE. I can't because I'm working on several things and I can't spare the time. Maybe I will write a review of the new openSUSE in a month, but in a month it isn't going to be the new openSUSE but just openSUSE. If you want to have a successful blog you need to be on topic and on top of current events. If you aren't current you can't get traffic from the buzz around new stuff. So... Today (yesterday) I watched the LinuxActionShow review of openSUSE to see what they think about it, although disappointed by the review itself in the show they briefly talked about what I'm talking about here. They basically roast the guy who wrote this ZDNet The 5 most popular Linux distributions  article. What I got from the comments in the show was that somebody walks in a room and says "Quick, write a shitty Linux related article to get some quick ad revenue!". If I really had the time to write my openSUSE article I would have put some effort into it. I could have written the article without installing the OS, there is more than enough to copy and rephrase on the INTERNETZZ. So why didn't I? I don't know.

Even so, even if you get some traffic I still don't see a point. My blog hit the 2000 view mark an hour ago (two by the time I finish this fine article(the tv is on)), the revenue from those 2000 views is 0.01 EUR. Internet users have become very good at not clicking ads on websites, I'm not surprised because I can probably visit 10000 websites and not click on a single ad. And rightfully so, there is too much shit advertised to us, and I don't really need anything that these people are selling. So what is the secret to financial success on the INTERNET in general. There are two ways I can think of that would produce results. Make a great blog or website about something really stupid that the unwashed masses would like. Or con the users and the ad sellers and buyers by using dishonest tricks to get people to click and do this as a massive campaign with big volumes of useless content. I can't do either so I have given up on making a living from the INTERNET, I'm going to write two posts a month that I'm fairly happy with and develop my video game. Now as an experiment click on this link 'Make Money Around Free Content' and tell me if the information on the site it takes you to is more useful than what you just read.

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