09 September 2012

Electronic Sport Insomnia

I have never cheered at a sport event, I have never cared about somebody else doing something. In Bulgaria soccer is king and everybody watches and likes it, everybody except me. 22 idiots running after the ball. Formula 1 is a different story, I watch hoping for somebody to crash (I'm an asshole). But I never care who wins. Recently ( Wednesday ), I was introduced to E Sport. StarCraft 2 is a game I have never played, I have played a lot of the original StarCraft. But SC2 is a real time strategy game and I can understand what is going on even if I haven't played. I can understand who is awesome and who just shot himself in the foot, I can appreciate the skill of the player and the intelligence of the strategy. So I got hooked, one tournament I watched while @job was epic. 

It's not a real tournament, in the sense that the winner is voted on. But it has great entertainment value. So finally I have something to look at. If you aren't into sports, and are a geek like me, try this type of entertainment.

So after watching this I ended up going through the boxes at home and finding the StarCraft discs. I'm not buying StarCraft 2, my computer is too old. So I find SC and load it into wine, unfortunately it has no sound and lags. So SC on Linux on my system is unplayable, I have no idea why. So I actually went to Win7 ( which also has some performance issues, and a graphics issue ), and haven't slept 3 nights in a row.

I guess I could have just written watch this and StarCraft rulzzez.

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