09 September 2012

New Perks

I have been wondering how to get people to donate. My project will not produce anything I can mail to you and the result of the project will be free for everybody so... That makes it hard to make worthwhile perks. But the equipment I want can be used for all sorts of things. So the IDEA perks gives you a chance to think you have bought something. So how to they work, you claim the idea you like. If the goal is reached the most claimed idea perk will be brought to reality. If you look at the idea description it doesn't look like a one time thing, and it isn't. My youtube channel will revert to a personal vlog type thing. If the project is funded I will create a new youtube channel for big long hard tutorial that will have an up to date version of the BLHT plus some extra stuff, I really want to make it an ongoing thing with a new edition every year or something like that. And this is where the IDEA perk comes in. The most claimed IDEA becomes a youtube channel on the idea topic. The topics are:

 -Gamecasting. There are many channels on youtube that have game generated content, channels like WastoteOfRam and day9tv. This idea is for a game channel that covers games that can be played on Linux. Linux native tittles and Win games that can be run on WINE/PlayOnLinux together with the setup and configuration process.

 -FOSS Digital Art. I often hear somebody say that he would switch to Linux but he needs some graphics software that isn't available on Linux for his day to day work. We need a youtube channel to show how you can do everything with free open source software. There are tools like GIMP INKSCAPE BLENDER and others that are available on Linux and can actually give proprietary professional software a run for its money.

 -Web Developer. Linux is the OS of the INTERNET, but it isn't only good for serving web content but also for creating it. This idea is for a channel that covers the tools and the code for creating great web applications.

Of course if two ideas get 20 claims, I'm going for it. If the project gets fully funded and all 3 ideas get 20 claims, I can do all 3 of them (I sort of want to do all 3 of them). If you have an idea for a side project that could benefit from the BLHT funding and equipment, just contact me.

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