01 October 2012

Finally some feedback!!!

So here is something somebody said about my indiegogo campaign.

Some Guy on Facebook.
" Some advices, use a microphone from game console games like singstar/rockband, it will be plug and play on Linux, quality may vary but most of the time, it's enough for most uses and it can be get used for 4-8$ sometimes in places like Ebgames ...

Puppet software make the servers easy to set up, maybe you could make your next videos about it, even ffmpeg may do screencasting, just record yourself with a cheap webcam like logitech sometimes at 10-20$ and embed it by editing with Pitivi ...

There's also tools like shelr.tv may help you ...

For your next pc build try : pcpartpicker.com

Build example :

i5-2500k is the sweet-spot for now, Gigabyte Atx board, 4go ddr3 sticks are cheaper I prefer G.skill there, just one may be enough for most users, Storage is a hard choice I would say OCZ Vertex 4 ssd and Western digital cavair blue harddrive, Evga Geforce GTX 660 are the gpu sweet-spot for Linux, Antec power supply, Antec 300 case and Asus monitor ...
September 27 at 8:00am · Unlike · 2 "

My response
" Thanks for the tips. But nothing you wrote will get you the linda.com production quality. Nor will it make the video production process faster and easier. As far as pc parts, I'm in the trade field myself so I can get most components dirt cheap. But my work requires remmina, a terminal, a text editor and a browser. I don't need a new rig for work and spending cash for a hobby isn't justified.
September 27 at 11:32am · Like "

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