21 October 2012

Instant Business? OpenCart

Yes, you too can be corporate fascist scum. You just need a pile of junk to sell and opencart. From there on it's just sell sell sell... Opencart is a website CMS ( content management system ) system just like Wordpress and Drupal but it is build specifically for e-commerce. The installation process is just as easy as the process for the other CMS systems. You need Apache or IIS, PHP and MySQL. If you have installed Wordpress or Drupal before there will be no surprises for you. I love to build custom solutions but a good PHP solution can take time and cost money. Opencart allows you to start a business in a day. Even if you aren't very tech savvy yourself, once it has been installed it is very easy to manage. It has an intuitive admin panel that allows you to add products and manage your clients. It has sales reports and all sorts of other stuff.

I will not go into detail about the features or try to teach you how to install or use it. You can get that type of information from the opencart website, they have documentation and screencasts there. What I will say is that my company is currently launching 3 e-stores. Two of them are an expansion of our business and one is for a client. Opencart solves the same problems that Drupal and Wordpress do, as in it shortens time and cost to market. No matter if you want to start selling or if you have a client who wants to start selling stuff opencart is a quick and cheap solution. I love coding, and I like to code the same task from different angles so that I find different solutions to the same problem. But my clients don't like it when I spend 2 months rewriting an application several times just so that I am happy with it. It costs less for them if I just spend 3 days to tweak opencart into what they need. Exactly as if somebody wants a website and a CMS, why should I write the CMS from scratch when Drupal would do the job.

If you are a web developer you owe it to yourself to throw opencart somewhere and just play around with it, if you have an opinion about it drop me a comment.

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