17 February 2013

MOAR Movies

Have you seen Sucker Punch. No, what planet are you from. Go watch it, NOW! If you have watched it I have a question, did you love it? Because I loved it! Sucker Punch is an inspirational movie. It is a bit confusing, but not because of the story or the transitions between the real and the fantasy world, no. It is confusing because I don't catch the transition between being aroused and/or violent. I like the feeling I get when an action sequence is well thought out and the characters are operating the way I would. Just watching makes me want to play some high on violence first person shooter game, just to get the murder out of my system. On the other hand the movie isn't just a slaughter-fest, because it's five hot, gorgeous, sexy, pretty, barely dressed and hot again action packed girls are hot. This is the point where those who haven't seen the movie think that it is one of the easy to make pointless sex and murder BS Hollywood crap movies. No. The movie is structured in layers that separate its qualities in a unique way. You have a base set in the real world that is the lowest layer telling a heart breaking tragic story about a girl who sort of goes mad. On top of that you have a fantasy brothel alias for the mental institution. The two parts fit with an interesting dynamic where the abuse in the mental health clinic is translated into a sexual exploitation gangster story about sex slaves trying to regain their freedom. And the top layer is a dancing sequence action sequence showing the girls fighting. So the structure is Tragedy => SEX => Violence. But as the movie progresses the three distinct worlds get intertwined into one whole that has a solid story well told with a spectacular visual presentation and engaging action sequences.

Sometimes we watch a movie for the story, sometimes we watch it for the action. But there aren't many movies you watch for both.

Just to make sure that I piss off some self made know-it-all movie critic, let's compare Sucker Punch and Kill Bill. As good as Sucker Punch is, it still doesn't have the defining strong scenes. Kill Bill tells a story entirely in an underlined bold font. If you watch Kill Bill vol.1 and vol.2 back to back several times you become insensitive to the blood an the pain and the killing and you realize that it isn't a movie about revenge. Kill Bill is a tragic love story about a man(Bill) and a woman(Beatrix Kiddo), torn apart by their nature. Both merciless murderers, they end up murdering their love. And as Kill Bill tells the story of love patiently, Sucker Punch quickly goes through the tragic story and fills the gaps with action sequences that although tightly connected to the plot are mostly superfluous to character development. Another parallel between the two is the sexy factor. The protagonist/s in both movies are attractive, but Uma Thurman's character has a realistic feel to her that is easier to identify when compared to the idealized look of the Sucker Punch heroines.

Enough about those two. There is a genre of movies that is dead to me. And you guessed it, comedy. There is no point in the existence of comedy movies. If you want to laugh, watch a stand-up comedy show. Bye.

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