26 November 2015

Zoe Quinn ON TRIAL

    It all started with a kotaku article about a girl with a chip implanted in her arm and a magnet implanted in her finger. My thoughts then were positive. I thought it's cool that somebody is so out of their mind on geek stuff that they would go that far. I made a tumblr profile and started following her to see what other crazy shit she might pull. Quickly loosing interest in her I didn't keep up with what she was doing.

    Fast forward to GG ( Yes, I am going there! ). Sort of a shameful thing to admit but I was totally not interested in the drama and politics. I like games but I don't like the community and didn't really care what was happening. Until I described myself as a feminist to my brother...

    Stepping back a bit let's look at:

Exhibit A: Depression Quest 

    If you don't feel like watching the videos the end of the last one presents my judgment. It's not enjoyable, granted they disclaimed that it wasn't supposed to be. But neither was it provoking engaging compelling or whatever else. I can concede that there is room in the universe for a graphical novel (with no graphics) telling the story of an infantile lesbian incapable of dealing with a normal rather comfortable life. Even be it as badly made as it was! But there definitely is no room for such a production on steam and it surely shouldn't be praised by game critics and journalists. The only way this thing gets an award is if it was made for a game development contest in high school and it took the offbeat lesbian social commentary award (probably due to lack of competition in that category).

    In order to make such an utterly inconsequential *production* ( I put "*" so that Zoe and other of her ilk can choke on them ) somehow valuable it is thematically tied to a mental health issue. Botching this goal makes the game a misrepresentation of people suffering from clinic depression as a bunch of self centered low self esteem losers. Thus adding insult to injury.

Exhibit B: https://thezoepost.wordpress.com/

  1. Joshua Boggs who is allegedly married (w.e.t.f. that means)
  2. Friggen Nathan Stupid-Red-Pants-Wearing Kotaku-Writing Grayson.
  3. Robin Arnott, why you gotta be like that?
  4. Blue
  5. Turquoise who doesn't really make much sense since he is obviously a raging homosexual (Turquoise)

    Why do we factor in questions of fidelity. Although we would like to leave people's private sexual promiscuity aside during a debate of social issues. We can't ignore evidence pertaining to the accused's character. The implication is not one of "bad" sexual behavior, for if we judged that Milo Yiannopoulos would be on trial and he would undoubtedly derive some sick sexual gratification from the indictment. The implication is honesty, and the exhibit demonstrates that the defendant's character is dishonest.

Exhibit C: GamerGate

    By far the most damming thing in this whole story is what happened after the public outcry against the nepotism in the gaming press. In lieu of a pathetic public apology and the self flogging that were due, the community was subjected to a massive smear campaign. A manufactured controversy used to split the community between uninformed well meaning idiots and informed rightfully angry GG participants and supporters.

    Zoe Quinn is not central to GG, she is not important and/or vaguely interesting. Looking at GamerGate at this point she is as irrelevant as any other single individual. That being said, we are not here to discuss GG, we are here to bring Zoe Quinn to justice. Zoe Quinn who in the moment of truth had no regard for the damage her misconduct could cause gaming. Who hid behind lies misrepresenting every member of a community she claimed to belong to. Who sought personal gain when what was required was personal responsibility.


    This is a weird post. I need to do another one on GamerGate and one on feminism. Not to cover the tropics but to give my stance on them. Just to put the opinions I have in context. But not today.

   From what has been presented to me Miss. Quinn is guilty of everything from vanilla lying to grotesque manipulation with the specific intent of harm. She is an example of a non contributing zero, lacking talent in any creative venue yet excelling in manipulating the people around her. Her willingness to use others to further the delusion of her part in a community that neither wants or needs someone of her questionable character. As fun as it would be to imagine some harsh consequences for her, the true punishment is going to be far worse than anyone could imagine. People like her need not be confronted for their "crimes", nothing anybody could do to her would be as bad as what she has done to herself. She has boxed herself in with a group of people just like her. And is set to hit bottom hard enough that all her hopes and dreams will shatter before her very eyes.

Have a nice life Zoe Quinn.

26 October 2015

DeusEx Explained

Not sure this one needs any explaining. It's DeusEx! Everybody and their brother knows that this is one of the best games of all time. It's up there with Fallout, half-life and Final Fantasy 7. Granted it has aged, and it has aged in the worst possible way. The visuals are what realistic graphics were when it first came out, and in case you didn't know, realistic depictions age badly, stylized depictions are timeless. The controls at least on the Play Station 2 are not the best evars but... Playing DeusEx now is like re watching the alien trilogy ( F you the forth movie doesn't count ), the oldness is on the screen at all times! But it is better than any of the new games coming out.

DeusEx is hard to fit in a box, if it needed to have a strictly defined genre it would be an action adventure role playing first person random number simulator. It has action and adventure, role play in first person, but it's not a shooter. The shooter mechanic requires consistent weapon behavior, the weapons are reliant on the level of the player with the specific class of weapon, thus not consistent thus not a shooter. If you doubt me, go play some Unreal Tournament to see the difference, never will your rocket launcher be affected by a dice roll. As far as the RPG aspect is concerned, we have a character build. Granted, the character build is relevant half way through the game, because at a certain point you are done with specializing whatever you needed and you can just spend points for melee combat and lifting heavy things. Even on the high difficulty levels the game is not very hard, but it is challenging and engaging.

I don't really want to go off on the controls, I played this on the PS2 with the dual-shock. A dual-shock that has seen better days at that! The constant drift to the left and the unintended crouching is due to the fact that this controller has seen hundreds of hours of gameplay. On top of that although not a FPS game it has the core mechanics of one, and that is not ideal for a controller in all cases. I don't know how Guerrilla did it with Killzone exactly but something that makes an FPS a controller game is missing in DeusEx.

I said the graphics have aged badly. Many people say the graphics have aged badly. The sound and the music on the other hand I like, they are old but good. The music I like. The music is awesome, retro but awesome and I will fist fight in the street anybody who claims otherwise.

With all the issues why is this game so fun to play??? The story the world the Alex Jones science fiction dystopian technophile society. DeusEx presents a world I would hate to live in yet a world I like to fantasize about and touch myself. If technology was as prevalent in our world as it is in the game world being a hacker would be awesome. The level design presenting the game world is good at giving you the freedom needed to utilize all the tricks you know. If there is one big issue with it it would be the loading screens. F me this game loads more than Resident Evil ( the first one where every door was a loading screen ), I don't know if it's an issue on the PC but the PS2 version is annoying. The game is not perfect, not the best game evars. That doesn't mean the game is not part of the mandatory literature, and I use literature here for a good reason. In it's imperfection we can see good examples of balance between artistic vision and technological/economic reality.

In closing, go play this game. Go buy it right now. Click on this text and buy it and play it or choke next time you say you are a gamer. I am publicly shaming everybody who hasn't played this thing and calls him/her self a gamer.

21 July 2015

SIMCITY is shit, surprise !!!

First thing first. Let's plug my shit. In some circles "plug my shit" could be horribly misconstrued. So let's say "let's promote my content". Let's...

I got Sim CITY 2000 from gog.com because I spend 1 EURO and they decided I deserved a gift. OK, thank you GOG! So I played it live on twitch and then edited the vaguely watchable parts and made youtube videos. Good.

The second part of the story takes us back to an earlier post where I was trying to build a computer on a tight budget with shitty parts. A post where we failed and ended up buying new parts , one of which was an awesome Black Edition AMD A8-5600K APU with AMD Radeon™ HD 7560D that came with the new SIMCITY (the broken piece of shit one that came out last). Long story short the owner of the new computer doesn't know that he has gotten this special gift from AMD and EA.

So I had played the new, a.k.a. shit simcity before I played the 2K special edition from GOG. And I had a lot of fun with both. Now, the old one in comparison to the new one, lacks depth. As in there isn't as much stuff to do. But what is in the old one is fun and nicely put together. The new one has more stuff but not nicely put together.

Lest we miss to pontificate on the NEW SIMCITY. The critics have destroyed this game for the online BS and the small city size. What I found in the game didn't fit what I had heard and read. The size of the city doesn't matter, the balance of the city does. The small maps wouldn't feel small if the population could sustain itself, but no. The population in the old one pays for the city's needs, the new one needs the city to have a specialization to make money. This is the point where the city runs out of room, the buildings needed to make money are too large. This is why people are left with the impression that the size is the issue. I managed to make a happy city where people payed 0% taxes and the city was sustained by production and export of electronic goods. 7 million of daily transactions income. I reached a situation where I had 55 million in the bank and nothing to spend them on. The game sort of stopped and wasn't fun anymore. Now that I have the super city, what's next??? Turns out, nothing.

The issues with the new SIMCITY isn't balance or size, the issue is fun. The game is just not fun. I tried making videos and streaming and all that, I can't make anything watchable with that game. You need to have something happen in the game, something to happen something interesting. Zombies attacked my town and nothing. Zombies are shit, they mean nothing to me. And so does this game.

19 June 2015

Resident Evil CODE:Veronica-X EXPLAINED

First watch this video from Jim Fucking Sterling Son Thank God For Him.

I remember buying Resident Evil on the PlayStation. I knew nothing about it, but I had watched a review of Resident Evil 2 on TV. I didn't have enough money to buy the second game though, but the first one was a platinum release so it was half priced. For those of you who don't know, PlayStation titles that are commercially successful and critically acclaimed get re released as platinum titles and cost half price. Big surprise my ps and ps2 collections are full of platinum tittles. Or at least they were until my apartment got broken into and my ps and all games for it were stolen (except Final Fantasy 7 which thankfully was stored in a special place to keep it from sunlight dust and people). Much later I played RE 2 & 3 on PC, but they didn't seem to have the same charm as the first one. Maybe I was older, or they seemed older compared to other games available at the time. Not until RE4 did I realize what the problem wasn't that, The RE games after the first one were not open world. Did I stutter. Resident Evil One, the first RE, the Old one is open world.

Are you still here? I like Jim a.k.a. "Jim Fucking Sterling Son Thank God For Him", and really thank god for him but on this one he is wrong. Open world games are non linear un-restricted environment games. RE1 gives you "un-restricted"  freedom inside the mansion Jim was masturbating on. And as the game progresses it turns into a sort of a hub for external areas, but you come back to the main hall as part of what people would call backtracking. Let's build an analogy. Skyrim is open world, but it is so wide that it seems shallow. RE1 is open world, but it is so narrow that it seems deep. Granted RE1 is old and not a 80+ hour RPG, Now that I have irrefutably objectively proven that RE1 is open world, let's comment on 2 & 3, who are not open world. Not that they are different from a mechanical standpoint, but they are different in a environment design standpoint. They are less exploration of an area and more traversing a path. If you ask me what I remember from RE2, police station, nothing else. I don't remember anything from RE3, just some streets around town from the beginning. That's very simple to explain, a place you run through you tend not to remember. Places that have nothing in them you don't associate with anything so they are not as important and memorable.

Now let's look at an entirely different game, through the rose tinted lenses of a nostalgia boner for the first Resident Evil game. Why, because I like RE Code-V in the same way I like RE1. Although a bit more diluted it follows the same formula. You have only two locations, the island and the snow base. You have non linear progression in both. And on top of that you revisit them in the second part of the game when you play with Chris. Which means that you get your nose rubbed in it. The elephant in the room of course is RE4, but if you think about it NO! RE4 is a linear progression action game, so it would be comparing oranges to apples. If you are a complete mentalist and a die hard Resident Evil fan you may notice that the picture of my copy of RE4 and RE Code-V is not right. The copy of RE4 is a platinum copy that was bought before I bought the CAPCOM CLASSICS double pack. I gave the copy of RE4 from it to a friend. But the point is that I played 4 before I played the one in question. I am not sure if I had played RE5 at that point. But it doesn't matter, because the original formula although somewhat retro at that point didn't deter me from enjoying the game. As it doesn't deter all the people that are playing  the remake of RE1. Games feel dated when they are compared to new games in their genre, so old FPS or RTS games can really feel old. But there is nothing new in this genre, so making remakes or newer games that are based on the same formula doesn't get you a game that is somehow behind the times.

In conclusion I perceive Resident Evil CODE:Veronica-X to be the first return to form RE game from the series. Like a revisit of what was awesome about the progenitor of the series. Thus it stands as a thoroughbred horror survival, although it is a little light on the difficulty. And for that reason I think it was relevant to make a let's play of it, because more people need to be exposed to this tittle.

16 June 2015

Daily YouTube Content Pain

A decision was made to make new content for the channel DAILY. That's seven ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) videos on the channel every week once every 24 hours. So what does that mean actually?

First let's define content. Content is anything that can be presented to a viewer on the internet. This blog post is content, pictures are content. And in the specific case of youtube, videos are content. Since "video" is a generic term that could be used for a 2hr movie, 3 hour podcast or some amount of seconds vine. We will talk about the format I'm working on. My daily videos are 20~30 min long, they are lightly edited and are gaming focused.

So how are they made? This sounds stupid to ask about this format but it is fairly relevant if interested in content creation. Another thing to point out is that there is no right way of making videos, besides some quality basics that are dependent on your equipment as much as they are on your skill. You can comment on different youtubers with different styles of videos. I have made a totally different type of videos on youtube in the past and it's sort of weird how different my workflow is with a newer computer and different format.

So comparisons can be made between different videos. Heavy edit PewDiePie or Robbaz videos against light edit 3 hour Co-Optional Podcast against pure uncut twitch dumps with zero editing like my initial killzone let's play videos. But I don't know how other people make their videos so I have to talk about my videos. The linux tutorials I made in the past were pre-scripted hard to make 10 minutes recorded and edited over 4~8 hours. They were separate audio and video recordings timed and cut together.

The gaming videos I have been making the past two months are 3 hour streams cut in 20~30 min. videos with 1 min audio comment added to the end of each video usually used for the rate share subscribe shit, which is S.O.P. on youtube. The cutting requires 1.5 times the length of the material and then some time for rendering. I record the stream sunday and cut it the next week on saturday. because I usually have at least a weeks worth of videos waiting for posting.

Posting itself is the procedure of uploading and sharing. Sounds easy but it is the most tedious part of the whole thing.

  1. Uploading is 10 min. of waiting.
  2. Adding a label in the end of the video.
  3. Filling out the name and the description for the video.
  4. Setting the tags.
  5. Setting up monetization.
  6. Sharing on twiter tumblr facebook and google+. Which due to differences in the format between the social networks requires manually editing the description hashtags and tags and whatever else is required.
This 6 step process is somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes and is as boring as this blog post.

What the point of this rambling excuse for a post is this. Let's play gaming videos are more fun to make and easier to make and quicker to make than my highbrow educational Linux howto videos. But that daily production process feels like work at this point, and if I wanted work I would have gotten a real job. I'm not complaining or anything, just wanted to share my pain as I just smacked into the "hard, do the work" side of youtube videos.

24 May 2015

My "Let's Play" videos

First, question of course is why? I'm rich now that I make let's play videos so the reasons don't matter to me. If they matter to you, tough shit.

On a more serious note. Why not? I can't masturbate all the time! I enjoy playing games and making videos. Plus I have something to show that I don't see too much of on the internet. Older, games that nobody cares about, a.k.a. my PlayStation 2 collection. I don't have a big collection so it wont take too much time and I can start doing something else. But for now I'm going to go through what I have done and what I may or may not do in the future.

One of my most favorite games of all time. I have finished a let's play of this one which was my first effort in that area so it is a bit rough but I am getting better at it. I wrote a quick blog post about it so I won't say anything more about it here.

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil CODE:Veronica-X

Resident Evil 4 is in my collection. But it is way too popular and new and covered on the internet. It is a great game that I really love. That being said it is the perfect high in resident evil before the series went to shit RE5 which is a soulless bland generic action game. Resident Evil Code:Veronica-X on the other hand is what I imagine Resident Evil (as int he first game on the first PS) would have been like. If it was a PlayStation2 era game. Ergo, it's brilliant. Which is why I'm currently making a let's play of it, which you can check out here.

Final Fantasy-zes
I have 7. And some other ones. I think Final Fantasy games are more streamable than let's playable. My format is streaming once a week and chopping the stream in 15~30 min. parts. I play FF7 for a long time after the clock reaches 99 hours and breaks. The math says that I will be able to make at least 200 parts of let's play FF-any. A video a day, that would be months of monotonous unwatchable content, I wouldn't watch such a thing, why would I make such a thing. Final Fantasy 7 is a must play.

I would love to play any of these 3 games. They are amazing peaces of gaming history.

There is no running from it, there is no escaping it. This is the next game I will let's play. This is a game I found late. I struggled with it on PC and some time later decided that I have to know, I need to pay my dues. Day9 (you know who he is) once insinuated that if you haven't played Final Fantasy 7 you are not a gamer, you can't be. Because you cant know. It was an awesome joke, and it's not true, but it is true. There are a few games that are defining for a genre and/or a gaming era. It's not that you can't understand gaming without going through these games, but it would be hard for us to communicate about that subject matter (gaming) if we don't have such shared reference points. I suppose that streaming Deus Ex will start on the 31.05.2015 or on the 07.06.2015 on my twitch channel (http://www.twitch.tv/sleepychild) sometime in the afternoon (that's afternoon GMT).

Beyond that. A good under the radar horror survival for the PS2 that I just loved playing for it's nostalgia. Extermination was an interesting experiment of how the genre could have evolved on the then new console generation. First time playing this game was horrific and I haven't revisited it for a long while. So this is the best bet at seeing me stress in a game.

The Urbz
I would never play Sims: Bustin Out because it is so shit that it's not even funny. If you think sims is a shit game, but have never seen this version. You don't know shit! But this came packaged in a box together with a game that shows how sims could have been an awesome game. An alternate reality of maxis's vision that pushes house building back stage to the personality building. The Urbz is a game that gives you a city separated in diverse social castes, where you need to gain social acceptance and popularity. Via initially fitting in and once popular enough setting new trends. I would love to play this but there is a huge chance that this would be unusable on youtube due to The Black Eyed Peas themed soundtrack in some areas but I guess we will just have to see.

So these are the games I'm planing on let's playing. As I mentioned in this post I stream on twitch, gaming streams on sunday afternoon. I stream using OBS (https://obsproject.com/) and a 10$ VHS to DVD usb capture "device". I edit the videos using Lightworks (the free version). And I mention that because all you need to have to stream and make videos is some shitty equipment, some free software and time and enthusiasm.If you are like me, and you have a love for gaming. Share it, the worst thing that can happen when you make a video is that somebody might see it.

17 May 2015


The first obvious question of course is "The first KILLZONE on the PS2 in 2015?"! Although I can make an objective case that KILLZONE is a must play classic and one of the best games of it's time, my reasons to play are actually subjective and personal. Thus, the points I want to make are how I like this or that about the game. And not to say that this or that should be a reason for you to like the game.

Story. The story is fairly simplistic, the Helghan invasion of Vekta. In this you are one of four playable characters that on their own decide to take the fight through the Helghan lines and up to space where they get revenge from the traitor Adams. Although the characters aren't too complex, they are all a variation of a soldier, without being reduced to 2 dimensions. Each character has a backstory, personal motivation and unique play style.

The game progresses in the classical level to level structure that more and more modern games seem to run from and offers a compact tight experience where the bullet counter goes mental. The levels are linear with slight variations depending on the character selected for the current section. Instead of having an open area where the best choice would be dictated by the characters talents, you get a restricted version of the level that forces you to use the talents of that character. That would be a minus but actually works well because when you play with Rico you want a number of enemies to be made available for machine gunning, Luger on the other hand needs to be separated from the group to be able to sneak and do quite suppressed shot or knife takedowns. That said playing the campaign with Luger doesn't protect you from prolonged gunfights where if you don't run out of ammo you are doing it wrong.

The gun play is key in this game. Some people would say that a first person shoter on a console payed with a joypad isn't ideal. That would be true for arena shooters and other fast paced action games. In KILLZONE the joypad works better because it works with the way the controls give you the feeling of stepping on the ground and holding a gun. Mouse and keyboard FPS games make you feel like a floating gun construct hovering over the ground at inhuman speed. Strafing and turning are also limited, the outcome of a firefight does not depend on reflexes. If you want to win an engagement you need a lot of bullets for suppressive fire, location location location and perfect corner clearing habits. You quickly learn that you better be oriented and covered, if you lose the direction of incoming fire and run out of cover you are f-ed. My complaint is that the hard difficulty allows you to take a few more bullets then I would like, and thus diminishes the challenge but that is redeemed by the way that grenades do not forgive, a grenade close enough to you kills you, no joke. And if you run out of cover to avoid it you just get shot. This is why KILLZONE shines even today, once the game is half way you better have learned your lesson because the tolerance for bs is nil. You have to be careful you need to spot the enemies before they spot you, yours should be the first shot fired and you need to fire it when you are in an advantageous position. And if there is a grenade launcher or rocket launcher on the other side you better identify it and take it out first because it's your ass.

The AI in the game blew my mind at the time, enemies know what's up, avoid over aggression, they do eventually charge out of cover but they do it guns blazing so don't you underestimate them. It is more a mechanic of the game than an AI failure, because otherwise some engagements will not end at all.

All in all this is one of the games that really made me wish to go into game development and is one of the games that I will be revisiting for as long as I have access to it. I made a let's play of it available on my youtube channel if you have somehow missed it and would like to see what I'm talking about.