16 June 2015

Daily YouTube Content Pain

A decision was made to make new content for the channel DAILY. That's seven ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) videos on the channel every week once every 24 hours. So what does that mean actually?

First let's define content. Content is anything that can be presented to a viewer on the internet. This blog post is content, pictures are content. And in the specific case of youtube, videos are content. Since "video" is a generic term that could be used for a 2hr movie, 3 hour podcast or some amount of seconds vine. We will talk about the format I'm working on. My daily videos are 20~30 min long, they are lightly edited and are gaming focused.

So how are they made? This sounds stupid to ask about this format but it is fairly relevant if interested in content creation. Another thing to point out is that there is no right way of making videos, besides some quality basics that are dependent on your equipment as much as they are on your skill. You can comment on different youtubers with different styles of videos. I have made a totally different type of videos on youtube in the past and it's sort of weird how different my workflow is with a newer computer and different format.

So comparisons can be made between different videos. Heavy edit PewDiePie or Robbaz videos against light edit 3 hour Co-Optional Podcast against pure uncut twitch dumps with zero editing like my initial killzone let's play videos. But I don't know how other people make their videos so I have to talk about my videos. The linux tutorials I made in the past were pre-scripted hard to make 10 minutes recorded and edited over 4~8 hours. They were separate audio and video recordings timed and cut together.

The gaming videos I have been making the past two months are 3 hour streams cut in 20~30 min. videos with 1 min audio comment added to the end of each video usually used for the rate share subscribe shit, which is S.O.P. on youtube. The cutting requires 1.5 times the length of the material and then some time for rendering. I record the stream sunday and cut it the next week on saturday. because I usually have at least a weeks worth of videos waiting for posting.

Posting itself is the procedure of uploading and sharing. Sounds easy but it is the most tedious part of the whole thing.

  1. Uploading is 10 min. of waiting.
  2. Adding a label in the end of the video.
  3. Filling out the name and the description for the video.
  4. Setting the tags.
  5. Setting up monetization.
  6. Sharing on twiter tumblr facebook and google+. Which due to differences in the format between the social networks requires manually editing the description hashtags and tags and whatever else is required.
This 6 step process is somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes and is as boring as this blog post.

What the point of this rambling excuse for a post is this. Let's play gaming videos are more fun to make and easier to make and quicker to make than my highbrow educational Linux howto videos. But that daily production process feels like work at this point, and if I wanted work I would have gotten a real job. I'm not complaining or anything, just wanted to share my pain as I just smacked into the "hard, do the work" side of youtube videos.

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