21 July 2015

SIMCITY is shit, surprise !!!

First thing first. Let's plug my shit. In some circles "plug my shit" could be horribly misconstrued. So let's say "let's promote my content". Let's...

I got Sim CITY 2000 from gog.com because I spend 1 EURO and they decided I deserved a gift. OK, thank you GOG! So I played it live on twitch and then edited the vaguely watchable parts and made youtube videos. Good.

The second part of the story takes us back to an earlier post where I was trying to build a computer on a tight budget with shitty parts. A post where we failed and ended up buying new parts , one of which was an awesome Black Edition AMD A8-5600K APU with AMD Radeon™ HD 7560D that came with the new SIMCITY (the broken piece of shit one that came out last). Long story short the owner of the new computer doesn't know that he has gotten this special gift from AMD and EA.

So I had played the new, a.k.a. shit simcity before I played the 2K special edition from GOG. And I had a lot of fun with both. Now, the old one in comparison to the new one, lacks depth. As in there isn't as much stuff to do. But what is in the old one is fun and nicely put together. The new one has more stuff but not nicely put together.

Lest we miss to pontificate on the NEW SIMCITY. The critics have destroyed this game for the online BS and the small city size. What I found in the game didn't fit what I had heard and read. The size of the city doesn't matter, the balance of the city does. The small maps wouldn't feel small if the population could sustain itself, but no. The population in the old one pays for the city's needs, the new one needs the city to have a specialization to make money. This is the point where the city runs out of room, the buildings needed to make money are too large. This is why people are left with the impression that the size is the issue. I managed to make a happy city where people payed 0% taxes and the city was sustained by production and export of electronic goods. 7 million of daily transactions income. I reached a situation where I had 55 million in the bank and nothing to spend them on. The game sort of stopped and wasn't fun anymore. Now that I have the super city, what's next??? Turns out, nothing.

The issues with the new SIMCITY isn't balance or size, the issue is fun. The game is just not fun. I tried making videos and streaming and all that, I can't make anything watchable with that game. You need to have something happen in the game, something to happen something interesting. Zombies attacked my town and nothing. Zombies are shit, they mean nothing to me. And so does this game.

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