26 October 2015

DeusEx Explained

Not sure this one needs any explaining. It's DeusEx! Everybody and their brother knows that this is one of the best games of all time. It's up there with Fallout, half-life and Final Fantasy 7. Granted it has aged, and it has aged in the worst possible way. The visuals are what realistic graphics were when it first came out, and in case you didn't know, realistic depictions age badly, stylized depictions are timeless. The controls at least on the Play Station 2 are not the best evars but... Playing DeusEx now is like re watching the alien trilogy ( F you the forth movie doesn't count ), the oldness is on the screen at all times! But it is better than any of the new games coming out.

DeusEx is hard to fit in a box, if it needed to have a strictly defined genre it would be an action adventure role playing first person random number simulator. It has action and adventure, role play in first person, but it's not a shooter. The shooter mechanic requires consistent weapon behavior, the weapons are reliant on the level of the player with the specific class of weapon, thus not consistent thus not a shooter. If you doubt me, go play some Unreal Tournament to see the difference, never will your rocket launcher be affected by a dice roll. As far as the RPG aspect is concerned, we have a character build. Granted, the character build is relevant half way through the game, because at a certain point you are done with specializing whatever you needed and you can just spend points for melee combat and lifting heavy things. Even on the high difficulty levels the game is not very hard, but it is challenging and engaging.

I don't really want to go off on the controls, I played this on the PS2 with the dual-shock. A dual-shock that has seen better days at that! The constant drift to the left and the unintended crouching is due to the fact that this controller has seen hundreds of hours of gameplay. On top of that although not a FPS game it has the core mechanics of one, and that is not ideal for a controller in all cases. I don't know how Guerrilla did it with Killzone exactly but something that makes an FPS a controller game is missing in DeusEx.

I said the graphics have aged badly. Many people say the graphics have aged badly. The sound and the music on the other hand I like, they are old but good. The music I like. The music is awesome, retro but awesome and I will fist fight in the street anybody who claims otherwise.

With all the issues why is this game so fun to play??? The story the world the Alex Jones science fiction dystopian technophile society. DeusEx presents a world I would hate to live in yet a world I like to fantasize about and touch myself. If technology was as prevalent in our world as it is in the game world being a hacker would be awesome. The level design presenting the game world is good at giving you the freedom needed to utilize all the tricks you know. If there is one big issue with it it would be the loading screens. F me this game loads more than Resident Evil ( the first one where every door was a loading screen ), I don't know if it's an issue on the PC but the PS2 version is annoying. The game is not perfect, not the best game evars. That doesn't mean the game is not part of the mandatory literature, and I use literature here for a good reason. In it's imperfection we can see good examples of balance between artistic vision and technological/economic reality.

In closing, go play this game. Go buy it right now. Click on this text and buy it and play it or choke next time you say you are a gamer. I am publicly shaming everybody who hasn't played this thing and calls him/her self a gamer.

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