25 February 2017

"On The House" a.k.a. "See, we are better than Hitler"

Yeah right. Better than Hitler. Better than Hitler at inciting hatred. Electronic Arts is one of the worst games companies in the universe. I imagine we can become part of the intergalactic community and their entertainment industries will not have enough "suck" to get EA out of the bottom three. We need to study the effects of EA on cancer rates in the general population, cancer and brain aneurysm are almost certainly caused by the existence of the abomination that EA is.


Maybe somewhere on the internet there is a before and after EA acquisition comparison of intellectual property, but if there isn't I'm 2 lazy to do one myself. Instead I just want to rail them in a few words.

Hey, a good game with the "EA" logo.
The past is weird huh.
The games are shit. Everywhere you look shit. The new simcity is shit compared to the old. The new sims is shit compared to the old. Battlefield is just dead to me. Mirror's Edge , same story. Dead Space was the only good Dead Space game, everything else was wank. MASS EFFECT Andromeda looks like a cartoonish jump and run spectacle fighter Final Fantasy 15 ripoff. They just pump out shittier and shittier games at higher and higher prices and you D holes keep buying them.

Watch_Dogs® 2 is 60 €, in Bulgaria it's 2 days of work to make the money to buy this shit. Not worth it. The "Deluxe" edition is 70 and the gold edition is 100. The deluxe edition has theme packs that just shit up the visual presentation of the game. And the gold edition is just a promise that there will be something more and that whatever it is it will be worth 40 euros. Sorry but the game itself isn't worth that much. I remember growing up a boxed copy of a playstation game was ~50 €. This is digital, there is no excuse for it to be more expensive than a box copy.

Not only are they overcharging for this shit but you can't even own the shit you pay them for. If their servers can't verify your ownership of a game, the game locks up and you can go choke on it. Steam is guilty of the same shit. GOG.com is the only digital distribution service that sells games because the games are not locked to a web service that may or may not exist in a few years.

Thank you for MASS EFFECT 2 and Jade Empire, but that doesn't make good on your overpriced shit rental scam.